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Best FU 7" sleeve image ever? 

"Hear this: When our masters' work is done, every living thing will have the status of a machine. There will be no creativity, only productivity. Instead of love there will be fear and distrust, instead of surrender there will be submission. We will replace contact with isolation, and joy with shame. Hope will cease to exist as a concept. We will cover the earth with steel and with concrete, this planet will be a factory farm producing morons to fuel and maintain the factory engines and feed our masters. There will be an electronic policeman in every head. Your children will be born in chains, live only to serve and die in anguish and ignorance. Look around you, the process is already in its final stages. And you, like everyone else, will take your place on the production line".

Colonel Friday's review of Dreamsday:

Time-Travelling Indians

Badarayana thinks the Joy in Joyce is a reference to ananada the substance of Consciousness which emanates the material world - he also thinks the DYD sleeve shows this happening in a way that references comics?

Time-Travelling Shamanarchists

This is here because
  1. FU recommended a Tao Lin book that smells like DYD spirit,
  2. Tao Lin recommended 'banned' TED Talks,
  3. This banned TED talk has a definite eau de DYD,
  4. It also has a faint aroma of smoke blown on to  pages of Chem Com
  5.  Leaving a lingering Nile Silt aftertaste

(They're not really banned, just tucked away out of site and framed as lunacy)

Time-Travelling anarchists

...more on them later. In the meantime this record features contemporary revolting women taking us back in time through disparate styles, from early anarcho punk... 

...which may be why one of anarcho-punks founding mother-fathers then dropped this apparent DYD 'angels' ref on Twitter:

Joyce Voice

After he woke me up last night same dream or was it? Wait. Open hallway. Street of harlots. Remember. Haroun al Raschid. I am almosting it. That man led me, spoke. I was not afraid. The melon he had he held against my face. Smiled; creamfruit smell. That was the rule, said. In. Come. Red carpet spread. You will see who.

Looking For Joyce

Dangerous Art

These pictures show different connected uses of the boardwalk / bodies / bathtub scene at Jonestown, where lots of people died of believing the same thing.

Left top: Full image used for Fake DF  (2005)
Left bottom: Image cropped to remove bath tub, used for regular DF sleeves (2006 onwards)
Right top: Cartoon image with Jim Jones 'Kool Aid' jug-man, drawn by Brian Walsby for Cheap Tragedies 7" (2008)
Right bottom: Cartoon image with Damian jug-man, drawn by Brian Walsby for a DF test pressing (fan commission 2013)

The Poisoned Arrow

When I was a boy, Fucked Up would release info / teasers for upcoming LPs in one convenient place. Nowadays, you have to scan multiple sites, picking up snippets like a lot of tasty aperitifs. That's great, but it's difficult to keep track of everything. I prefer things in the equivalent of a family bucket, with indigestible fries, (and pictures, obvs) so that's what this is.

It'll get updated, if other stuff comes up...

This album is about the freedom to live, to dream, and to make new dreams come alive in our real lives, which have been fed over to the forces of greed, social media, reification, consumerism, and social media. I can still remember when there were other dreams to be had. We read fantasies and history and the adventures of those who came before us, the failed romantic revolutions, and the struggles to make something different. I made this record to remind people that all those dreams are still up in the air, and that it’s up to any of us to grab one and make it real. You still get to have your own dreams and you still get to live your own life, in this era where social media and phones vie for our attention and take away all our time and put our emotions and relationships under lock and key and into shining little boxes, where we are more connected than ever, but more alone. Where we live in a world led by those so afraid that their only dream was to make money, and to make sure everyone had the same dream, those who would scold us, and make laws against us, and send us to work and to school, to shoot us and kill us and to lock us up and distract us, and kill us, forever. We remember other dreams, and we remember when living in other ways wasn’t just a dream. FUFB Jul 23

The drama unfolds like a miniature world of many parts being explored, a map being illuminated, location by location.
As with David Comes to Life , there is a story here. David—who once came to life—is now indentured to a desk job. David meets the elderly Joyce who closes his eyes, opens his mind, and sends him on a spiritual journey. David embarks on his own metaphysical odyssey. He sees a stage adaptation of his own life. He speaks to an angel in a lightbulb. He sees an infinite series of universes as simulations within simulations. Meanwhile, Lloyd—Joyce’s lover—was sent, decades ago, by Joyce on the same odyssey, but was lost in the void. Lloyd seeks to be found and reunited with his lover. Where will David end up? Will Joyce and Lloyd be reunited?
Dose Your Dreams—meaning: treat your dreams as you would a dream, allow yourself to be lost within them, allow them to open your heart and your mind, enjoy them as you would a drug. Reach out for my hand and pull me close. Owen Pallet Aug 15

Dose Your Dreams covers -- take a deep breath -- time traveling, anarchy, simulation universe theory, love, existential doubt, self-sabotage, suicidal urges and inescapable corporate culture.
“That's the Dose Your Dreams thing. Everybody has a dream of how the world should work, and certain people and certain companies make their dreams come true,” Haliechuk opines. “Unfortunately, the people that try the hardest to make things happen, it seems their only dreams are about making money and selling things to you.” Billboard Aug 15

“Raise Your Voice Joyce”the first single from their fifth studio album, the sprawling odyssey Dose Your Dreams. The A-side, an exclusive single mix of the album track, concerns Fucked Up’s perennial hero David as he encounters the revolutionary sorcerer Joyce Tops, set to an incendiary Buzzcocks-inspired stormer that features backup vocals by Jen Calleja of Sauna Youth. The B-side of the 7-inch is a cover of Anna Meredith’s “Taken.” Merge

Part of the new album’s narrative is depicted in the music video for “Normal People,”...
Featuring Haliechuk as a supermarket-browsing clown, drummer Jonah Falco as a businessman in a fruit-and-sausage-strewn bathtub (a reference to The Who Sell Out, not the bathtub bacon from Gummo) and septuagenarian fashion model Judith Maria Bradley as central character Joyce Tops, the motley music video mirrors the album’s breathtaking stylistic diversity, which goes from snarling punk to dream pop to full-on dance music with the title track. Billboard Aug 15

Father Coin

Dr Smile

Mary Magazine

David Eliade

Joyce Tops

Dolly Dream

Nick Fenstle



'House of Keys’ is the chapter in this epic where protagonist David—having been sent on a vision quest and had his eyes opened by revolutionary anarchist fighter Joyce—sees the true nature of music and art in this society, and seeks something greater.” Dose Your Dreams isn’t universally this heavy, by the way—seeing the true nature of reality is just like that sometimes. (Spin) Sep 10

Jellicoe & Woodbury* 'Fear b/w Doubt': The dogs snarl without mercy or respite offering soaring solos, a bleak outlook, a big bass tone and pummelling drums. Over exhilarating guitar density and hoarse bark, Jellicoe and Woodbury chase, dismantle, and advocate obliteration of mankind.
Jellicoe and Woodbury are the twin dogs of Doubt and Fear, a poetic interpretation of James Joyce’s 'Ulysses', where dogs seemingly are ready to attack at any moment, based on Joyce’s well known fear of dogs. Doubt and Fear channel 'Ulysses' through a Bastard ‘Wind of Pain’ like lens. These self-created monsters use capitalism to keep us afraid to really move forward in life, and scared to connect with each other. They chase us back and 'breath down our neck’. Recorded in Toronto by some weathered but familiar statues in the Toronto punk community. To compliment the style, as well as the in depth and swirling world of these characters... Quality Control HQ Sept 11

*Jellicoe & Woodbury must (I thought) be a reference to some female artist or activist, but rather than confusing things further with random speculation, I decided to ask someone in the know: Ola runs Quality Control HQ and she also fronts a slightly terrifying band that Jonah drums for... I asked her for the facts: "The name Jellicoe and Woodbury comes from an intersection of two streets in the west of Toronto where two large dogs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks - a breed of dog bred for hunting and killing lions - lived in a friends house many years ago. These dogs terrified Mike from FU as a child. The dogs were mostly friendly and just curious even though they were this snarling violent breed used to kill the most fearsome thing in Africa - one lets their own fear of dogs dictate their relationship with these creatures. The names Jellicoe and Woodbury are the formal names of Doubt and Fear in the world of this story."

"Mother Man" b/w "Gracefully" EP: Jade Hairpins are hiding quietly in a tall grove, softly whisking away the mask of dew and doubt, thrilling the needed speakable truths of equality and peace into four beats and cascading melody on their debut. The shapes and names of a world appear... Merge Sept 11

"Raise Your Voice Joyce" (The recurring and much loved 12" comp namesaked by a 7")
"Contemporary shouts from contemporary voices charting a small piece of the limitless history of women in revolt. Eight tracks; each one a history; a story; a biography, told through disparate styles, from early anarcho punk and UK82 to DIY snapshots of goth crossover – all bound together to cement an activated and radical disruption vita. Joyce is the revolting woman; a constant of history. Contributions from members of today’s UK and European punk scenes (Nekra, Good Throb, Arms Race, Sauna Youth, Terrible Feelings and more), RYVJ is a command, a demand and a well-spoken message for tomorrow."  Static Shock

Have you seen this man?

Fucked Up present Scotch Tape: a mixtape compiled exclusively for us feat. 13 favourite tracks from a lifelong love of Scottish DIY. Fire Engines! Yummy Fur! Scrotum Poles! Numbered, screenprinted cassette, ltd to 50. monorail music Sept 17