D.I. but not quite Y.

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I had a copy of Looking For Gold that was missing a back panel...

Russ appears on  mixtape 5,  does Salem Rages and cool sketches, and provides security at FU shows, he's been to more than 30 fucked up gigs and he made this new sketch x cut & paste back panel:

Property of Russ

Happy Christmas

This picture shows a message to Luke Mumford of Genetic Angry, on the back of the Halloween poster in the previous post. The message is from Dave Brown, drummer of Career Suicide, who is pictured pumping a fist in the show picture in the previous post and is also the Richard Branson of Sewercide Records...

Here are the first three Sewercide Records. The Genetic Angry 7" in the centre with the plain black sleeve was the second release.

Happy Halloween

Flyer for the 2005 Halloween show - thanks to Luke Mumford for the picture.
The poster includes a message on the back, more about that later. 

Picture from the show, used in the inaugral post on LFG Nov 2005.
Image copied from Ryan Media - click HERE for more pics

"16mm footage of FU performing with pumpkins on their heads, random shots of a record swap in Toronto in 2005, and a couple shots at CIUT while Equalizing Distort is on air - all set to "Color removal" by FU"