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''Toronto FC''

(Split with Hard Skin)

You've done it now son woven the tapestry of legends and fables to create a Nick Knight fantasy...

Sleeve: FU side
Sleeve: Hard Skin side
Left: FU side
Right: Hard Skin side
Left: FU side
Right: Hard Skin side


Tracks: Toronto FC (Fucked Up) B/W 1-2-3 / New Age (Hard Skin)
Released: 2007
Label: ''No Future'' - Oi 28 (Fake No Future Release)
Matrix A: 70894H1/A   0128 A
Matrix B: 70894H2/A   0128 B

Pressing Info:
'Regular' fold-out sleeve 300 or 600
Pocket sleeve 30 or 50
Test Pressings 10 (See below)

Regular insert

Fold-out 'regular' sleeve - matt card
Pocket sleeve - glossy card
Printers proof sleeve (see below)

Sleeve Variants:
Fold-Out Sleeve: Front (folded out)
Fold-Out Sleeve: Back (folded out)
Fold out & Pocket Sleeve Comparison:
Left: Fold out sleeve (matt card)
Right: Pocket sleeve (glossy card)

Notes 1 (Fucked Up):

From LFG Post (April 15 2007)

Lastly, we've recorded two new songs, and both will appear on a strictly "gig-only" 45 rpm that will be available for purchase at the following show:

(the fine print at the bottom reads: "If we come to the show with a moustache the Brits will think its hilarious". Also this is called a "pass-out", not a flier.) Full update on the UK dates in May as soon as Jase finished watching football.

Interview extract copied from (Post July 2 2007)

Oi! just doesn't seem like a very popular style of punk rock to draw from these days, so it's all the more interesting that a band that's reached your level of popularity is influenced by it so proudly. This might sound like a weird question, but what aspects of it do you believe the band draw most strongly from?

SANDY: Well, I wouldn't say Oi!...maybe some in the guitar, maybe in some of the musical sensibilities. I don't know. [sighs] There are the [basic influences]: Black Flag, Motörhead, Buzzcocks...

JOSH: I think the Oi!/skinhead culture has kind of seen this light... I mean, it seems like people from time to time...[pointing to bald drummer walking by, likely joking]...yo, our drummer for instance really got into us by the whole skinhead thing.

SANDY: He just got a haircut [mild laughter].

JOSH: ...What am I trying to say? We were in England recently, and there's this new movie called "This Is England"...

Yeah, I think I saw a poster for that.

JOSH: Yeah, it's a decent movie, I actually downloaded it and watched it. It kind of like, shined the light on the skinhead culture. It was one of the few working class, punk cultures that was really thriving, really mainstream. In the U.S. it's kind of getting recuperated as this memory, which happens in punk from time to time, and [they've] finally done it to the skinhead/Oi! scene.

I don't think we really have any relation to that, but it's kind of an interesting thing to watch. I think every sector of punk and hardcore eventually gets swallowed up, and re-broadcasted in a new way.

But I guess for us, it's [just] a [mostly musical case] and some kind of aberration for the kind of aesthetic they had

Couple Tracks LP Insert / Inlay:
Toronto FC is the name of Toronto's new professional football (soccer team). The song has nothing to do with sports - I'm not actually sure what it's about. What I do know is that when we released it on a split 7'' with Hard Skin, limited to 350 copies, someone in the Toronto FC fanclub found out about it , and got really uppity about us trying to become famous on the backs of our amazingly successful new sports team , who have yet to post a winning record, or enter the playoffs.

Notes 2 (Hard Skin):

Hard Skin contribute 2 cover songs to the split - ''1,2,3'' originally by 'The Professionals' and ''New Age'' originally by 'Blitz'. The sleeve & insert art feature plenty of Blitz images and references.

The defunct No Future label was a Punk & Oi label active in the early 80's - their first release was the first Blitz EP (Catalogue number:- Oi 1). The catalogue number of this record follows the last one used while the label was active (Oi 27). Subsequently someone else picked up on this and used Oi 29 on a No Future bootleg.

Hard Skin (They're hard)

Blitz (UK band inspired by Hard Skin):

Sleeve Notes:

The credits on the insert describe this image as''Photo of Fat Bob with Hair'' by Gavin Watson:
The picture was taken  at one of the ''Stop the City'' demos, London, 1983 or 1984 and shows Fat Bob at the very moment he decided to become a skinhead.

"Stop The City" Poster 
Stolen from ''Everyone is an Anarchist Post'' on KYPP article

Fat Bob loves Fucked Up

Commodity Fetishism:

'Printers Proof Sleeve'
Sleeve and insert art, all on one four-panelled sheet + stamped dust cover & gig flyer.
This is a 'printers proof', i.e. a test sheet to check print quality ahead of the 'proper' sleeves being printed

Test Press - Sleeve Front:
'Hoxton Cunts' style design
Test Press - Sleeve Back:
Picture showing Fat Bob and Damian at the Luminaire in London. New Year Eve (2006).
They covered Blitz with Fat Bob singing.
Test Press vinyl: FU side:
From LVEUM: (The labels) were white but I put 1p coins around them and spray painted them. Once the labels dried I removed the coins leaving white circles. Then I used rub-on letters from lots of different sets to make the lettering. There are 10 tps and 2 sides in each record so they amount of time I spent (and the spray smell in my flat) was insane. 
Test Press vinyl: Hard Skin side
Test Press insert: 'No Future' Goko Print numbered on reverse out of 17

Same image as above, but with colours inverted (included for illustrative purposes)

Tests For Tests 
Proofs / artwork for test-press sleeve

''Hoxton Cunts''


Sleeve - Front: Most are numbered out of 30
Sleeve - Back: FU logo spray-paint stencil
Vinyl: Hand-pasted labels, most do not have centre hole.
In some cases the original label can be seen beneath the new one, as above.


Tracks: 'Various Artists'
Released: 2006
Label: Bootleg (LVEUM)
Matrix: Most have the matrix scratched out

''Pressing'' Info:
30 + a few extras

No regular insert

30 + vinyl variants. The sleeves and labels were individually handmade, so there are a few quirks with those too


'Novelty item / art piece / curiosity / joke / fake record thing. Vinyl is random used 45's, with handmade FU labels stuck over the top of the original label, e.g. for 23/30, the vinyl is a copy of "NME Readers' Poll Winners '84''. The sleeves are inside-out Humos Peligrosos, with a goko printed (Japanese home silkscreen method) image on the front and FU logo aerosol stencil on back.

The jackets and labels are mostly numbered out of 30. Sold at Old Blue Last gig; a couple of additional copies were put together after the show by '2 DIY enthusiasts' who had access to the materials used for the originals. These are numbered with different handwriting to the original ones. 32/30 is on green vinyl. It is unclear if the later ones count as a second  press, or fake fakes...  There are probably also a few other stray copies out there as some additional jackets were made and given away. See also post on James Knight (Vice) Blog:

More Cunts:

2/30 - Includes postcard insert
6/30 - Includes beer stains
8/30 Sleeve - Front
8/30 Sleeve - Back
15/30 in bed 

''Dangerous Fumes''

(+ ''Humos Peligrosos'' & ''Fums Perillosos'')

(Note from insert)

Sleeve - Front: (Deranged First Press)
Sleeve - Back: (Deranged First Press)

Insert - Front: 
All variants have same artwork, but printed on different paper
Insert - Back:
There are three variants, one from each label that put out the 7", see image below.

Insert Variants:
Dangerous Fumes was pressed by three different record labels; the reverse of each label insert is slightly different. The insert in the centre is the Hate variant, printed on heavier paper and so the artwork from the front side does not show through as it does on the other two.

Left - Deranged: Matt off-white paper, has lyrics to 'Dangerous Fumes' & 'Teenage Problems.
Centre -Hate: Glossy paper, lyrics to 'Dangerous Fumes' with Rosy Cross image below.
Right - LVEUM: On matt paper, layout as Hate Version, but lyrics in Spanish.

1. North American Pressings (Deranged Records)
(For Fake / Promo Version, see ‘Two Fakes’)


Tracks: Dangerous Fumes B/W Teenage Problems
Year: 2006
Label: Deranged Records – DY-82

Matrix A: 
  • First Press:  DY-82-A GOLDEN  
  • Repress: DY-82-A R-26854 GOLDEN 
Matrix B:
  • First Press: DY-82-B GOLDEN 
  • Repress: DY-82-B R-26855 GOLDEN 
Pressing Info:
Regular sleeve versions: 3500, or maybe two pressings of 3000
Teenage Problems sleeve: 40(ish)

All variants have same insert - see above.

First Press (Sleeve has Teenage Problems artwork on inside of sleeve - labels have silver text)
Teenage Problems Sleeve (As above but  reversed, so that Dangerous Fumes artwork is on inside of sleeve - labels have white text)
Repress Sleeve (No artwork on inside of sleeve, different matrix on vinyl to above)

Deranged Variants:
Sleeve - Front
Left: First press on matt paper - muted colours, off-white text bar at top.
Right: Repress on glossy paper - bright colours, pure-white text bar at top.
Sleeve - Back
Left: First press on matt paper.
Right: Repress on glossy paper, slightly larger.
Deranged Records Vinyl (Labels pressed on wrong sides of disks)
Left: Dangerous Fumes 'B' Side label (on TP side of disk) Second press with white text
Right: Teenage Problems 'A' Side label (on DF side of disk) First press with silver text
Teenage Problems Sleeve:
(Front & Back panels).
The paper used for the first press is shiny on one side and matt on the other.  Teenage Problems artwork is printed on the shiny front (i.e. correct?) side of the paper and Dangerous Fumes on the matt back side; hence the poorer print quality of the DF artwork on the first press.

2. European Pressings - English Text (Hate Records)


Dangerous Fumes B/W Fixed Race
Year: 2006
Label: Hate Records – Hate 10

Matrix A: 
First Press: FLV-205.612A K SST FUCKED UP - Side A 
Repress: FLV-205.612A K SST FUCKED UP - Side A 3787871-01 A

Matrix B: 
First press: FLV-205.612B K SST FUCKED UP - Side B 
Repress: FLV-205.612B K SST FUCKED UP - Side B 3787871-01 B

All variants have same insert - see above.

Pressing Info: 1000

First Press – (Sleeve has black ‘text border’ on sleeve, labels have silver text)
Repress (Sleeve has white ‘text border’ on sleeve - labels have white text - different matrix on vinyl to above)

Hate Variants:
Hate Records Sleeves - Front:
Left: First Press with white title strip (similar to Deranged version, but no logo)
Right: Second Press with black title strip.
Hate Records Sleeves - Back:
Left: First Press with white title strip (similar to Deranged version, but with Hate logo)
Right: Second Press
Hate Records Vinyl:
Left: 'A' Side - 2nd press with white text
Right: 'B' Side - 1st press with silver text

3. European Pressings ‘Spanish / Catalan Text’ (LVEUM Records)

Tracks: Humos Peligrosos B/W Carrera Amanada
Year: 2006
Label: La Vida Es Un Mus (LVEUM) – Mus 018

Matrix A: FLV-205.612A K SST FUCKED UP - Side A 3787871-01 A (All versions)
Matrix B: FLV-205.612B K SST FUCKED UP - Side B 3787871-01 B (All versions)

All variants have same insert - see above.
Fums Perillosos also usually comes with a gig flyer

Pressing Info:
Fums Perillosos – 30 (of above 500, but with different sleeve, sold at show in Barcelona)

Humos Peligrosos - Regular sleeve
Humos Peligrosos - Textured hard-stock sleeve
Fums Perillosos

LVEUM Variants:
LVEUM Sleeves - Front:
Left: Spanish sleeve - continues with 'black' design of Hate Records 2nd press
Right: Catalan sleeve
LVEUM Sleeves - Back:
Left: Spanish sleeve - continues with 'black' design of Hate Records 2nd press
Right: Catalan sleeve - stamped with date of Barcelona show and numbered out of 30

Vinyl: All LVEUM variants have same labels & vinyl
Left: 'A' side
Right: 'B' side
The LVEUM and  Hate second press share the same matrix; they were pressed using the same plates

Fums Perillosos Gig Flyers
These were made by the vocalist of Invasion, there were a number of different ones (maybe 8). They were randomly added to Fums Perillosos. Some are pictured below.

Notes 1 (Dangerous Fumes):

''Couple Tracks'' -  Extract From Notes on Inlay / Insert (2009):
The lyrics contain a bunch of words I don't remember the meaning of, and a cut verse that rhymed the words ''picayune'' and ''parvenu''. Talk about album material.
(Dangerous Fumes was for a time intended to go on the Hidden World LP)

Lyrically the song is confusing, dealing with some corrosion of society. There are also allusions to mind control and paints a picture ... "Smell the fumes that we smell and you're smiling / we want the world and the whole world is buying / you can't see straight you thought maybe we lied? / about the shit that we peddle / you're fucking stumped you've got nothing you're dumped / the fumes were too strong we got into your mind."

The lyrics also include: ''We should have listened to the birds'' Birds may be a metaphor for souls... Listen to birds and don't buy shit peddled via mind-control fumes. (This is what most Fucked Up songs are about)

Notes 2 (Teenage Problems):

DA: Like we have this song called "Teenage Problem," which Mike wrote, which is basically advocating paedophilia.
AVC: Yikes.
DA: Yeah. Wish we didn't have that song. I mean, we didn't write it as an anthem for paedophilia; it's more like us exploring the last taboo, but thankfully it was on a limited 7-inch that not many people heard. [Pauses.] Maybe that isn't taboo any more. Maybe in the wake of R. Kelly, paedophilia is now socially acceptable. [Laughs.] What a horrible world we live in.

''Couple Tracks'' - Extract From Notes on Inlay / Insert (2009):
A few years ago we had a discussion in the van about what taboos were still left, which is what happens when ''artists'' get bored. We decided that it was paedophilia, and that we would write a song about it. We put it as the 'B' Side to Dangerous Fumes and Never talked about it again. The sample* is legit - its Maurice Chevalier. And by legit I don't mean we paid to use the sample, I mean its a legitimately creepy song about little kids by a weird French guy. We don't play this song live any more because it gives Damian weird vibes...

* Chevalier sample appears on 7", not on CD

Notes 3 (Fixed Race):

''Couple Tracks'' - Extract From Notes on Inlay / Insert (2009):I believe this was our first ever import-only bside song. Dangerous Fumes wasreleased in 4 regions, technically - North America, Spain, the Basque region (in an edition of like 50) and Germany / EU. It was written by Jonah and is a snappy little number. It has never been played live.

Notes 4 (Fums Perillosos):

I.N.V.A.S.I.O.N. (LFG Post -Aug 08 2007):

Speaking of Little Darlings, last year we played a show in Barcelona that ended up being one of the best Fucked Up shows of all time. Like at one point Damian picked up a small woman, and the two of them were then both picked up and hurled off the stage.

More pictures can be found here from that show. Anyhow, in addition to playing with top-notch bands Uber, Otan and Tension, we played with Invasion (pronounced Spanish-style). They have a new 12" coming out on Paco's label, and you should anticipate it feverishly. Guille (the singer) uses this delay pedal on his vocals live and even though he had just bought us the worst pizza to eat in the western hemisphere, it still broke all our brains watching it. Just look at the picture (its the one at the top).

Invasion / Destino Final
Una Bestia Incontrolable

Una Bestia Incontrolable feature some of the members of some of the bands above and they are extraordinarily good.

Sleeve Notes 1 (Dangerous Fumes)

Cult mass suicide / Outcome of one of several (theoretical) CIA conspiracies.
Follow the leader? (image used on DF lyric sheet).
Rose Cross image used on lyric sheet
He set upon him a yet stronger spell ...
Illustration by Norman Ault, used on reverse of sleeve.
Sorcerer attempting to raise fallen Knight?
(note Rose Cross shield)

Note: The images were mostly sourced from library sources by 10K; any references to secret societies etc are coincidental.

Sleeve Notes 2 (Teenage Problems)

'The Bathers' by Henry Scott Tuke
''Couple Tracks'' Announcement  on LFG (Dec 14 2009)

This song is included in the compilation, but the songs existence as it's own 7" single release is half-dubious at best. Collectors will note that if you peer into the crevasse created by pushing a 7" sleeve inwards by its edges (in order to extract the vinyl, perhaps) you'll see another image, that of several young boys cavorting in the nude. Carefully dismantling this cover (with sweaty palms and a red face no doubt) either by heating the glue or just ripping it carefully by the edges will reveal a brand new 7" sleeve...

Commodity Fetishism:

Hate Test Press

Deranged Test Press:
Left: Sleeve by Brian Walsby - comissioned by collector and featuring 'Damian Cauldron'
Right: Test press with small hole, generic white labels and sleeve
Sleeve 'opened' - includes 'half panel' back piece

LVEUM Test Press - Front
Left: Sleeve - grey or brown card with  'black mass' artwork, with cauldron emitting 'dangerous fumes'
Right: Hand pasted labels, numbered out of 10, same design as used for Hoxton Cunts
The LVEUM test presses also included the brown Goko print insert as above but not numbered
LVEUM Test Press -  Back
Left: Sleeve is fold-out design with half panel on back
Right: Spray-stencilled FU logo on dust cover and record label
LVEUM Test Press - As above but different colour sleeve:
Some of the sleeves were printed on grey card, some on brown

LVEUM Goko Prints
These were included with some / most of the 'textured hard-stock sleeve':
Left: Image used for Hoxton Cunts, numbered on reverse out of 16
Right: 'When we have each other...' (Quote from Gunter Grass ' Dog Days'), numbered on reverse out of 20
Both have 'naked bathing' theme, possibly referencing Teenage Problems artwork
Nothing to do with Dangerous Fumes - Just included to continue the theme:
This is a photocopy of another LVEUM goko print, again featuring bathing, but with Hard Skin lyric, from ''Cocks & Cunts EP'' (Hard Skin take on Hoxton Cunts)

Artwork used for LVEUM test press

DIY: Proofs & Prints from LVEUM

Xerox of 'Hoxton Cunts' artwork - image used on some of the Goko print cards that came with some of the the 'textured hardstock sleeves'

Original artwork for test pressing sleeve :- note 'Death in June' symbol (circular logo base of picture)

Test pressing artwork: 
Left- brown sleeve, open and folded (Death in June symbol cropped from artwork)
Right bottom - grey version of sleeve, folded
Right top - labels and artwork for TP insert

Test Pressing Artwork: Note uncropped version of artwork on grey sleeve - also a blue version not used for the 10 test pressings (there were a handful  -maybe 4 - additional TPS, hand numbered in Spanish with blank centre holes - the blue sleeve was used on some of these)