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Dirtbombs / Split

(Bruise Cruise Volume 8)

Sleeve - FU Side
Sleeve - Dirtbombs side
Vinyl - FU side
Vinyl - Dirtbombs side

Sleeve - Folded Out:
Sleeve printed on shiny card, blank on reverse.


Tracks: I Hate Summer B/W If Can Can Can't We (Performed by The Dirtbombs)
Released: March 1, 2012
Label: Bruise Cruise Records BCR008
Matrix A: U-66229M-A BCK-008-453-0/4
Matrix B: U-66229M-B BCK/008-453-0/4
Pressing Info: 800, or maybe 500
Inserts: No regular insert
Variants: No (known) variants


''I Hate Summer'' recorded live at KEXP Seattle 2009. Given away as part of Bruise Cruise holiday.

From Insound:
This year's new 4-record series promoting the Bruise Cruise. Each release will feature 2 artists performing on the 7-inch and is limited to 800 copies (300 to Cruise attendees - 500 available to retail stores).

Promotional info, HERE includes rejected? sleeve art:

From FPH Bruise Cruise Review:
There were roughly 2000 passengers on board; only 500 were “Bruisers” who paid double that of the regular cruisers. The 500 consisted of: bands, press, and fans who have a reckless attitude toward their net worth. We were a strange upper-class, pressing every luxury forward. So, why did we do it?

I had hoped for sociological theatre, but that didn't happen. From all reports, last year’s inaugural cruise had a much more mischievous stripe running through it. I suppose that most thought it was an enchanted one-off and treated it as such. If last year was about reckless conquest, this year was about nesting and making sure that we could all do it all again.

The apathy of the other cruisers was welcome company to a crowd hailing mostly from the twitching hyper-informed city of Brooklyn, which was recently described to me as the “Hollywood of music”. I've also never seen bands look more content or relaxed. The weekend was , after all, a vacation from their tours.

The most important thing to note is that there was virtually no phone service or Internet available for the entire trip, and I never heard anyone complain. This became what really made this festival truly special. The crowd was not watching the shows through a sea of raised iPhones, and then scrambling to post their “footage”; they were actually present, together, sharing an experience. This festival didn't need to be validated by the Internet; it was valid on its own.

Relearning Web-less human interaction is pretty easy in a formalized setting that is built only for drinking, eating, fucking, swimming, and going broke. These are all themes that have a significant place in rock-and-roll culture. This irresponsible electricity in an exclusive environment, away from the bad noise of the world came to feel, for lack of a better term…punk.

There is a heavy irony in the idea that independent music culture has become so over-saturated, dangerously accessible, and embedded in the marketplace, that one of the last places it can still get enough room to breathe is in the staged-and-staffed, faux opulence of a “luxury” cruise liner.

The Bruise Cruise was a savage vacation that reminded me how great it is to see a show, and the human connection that makes me come back.

''Coke Sucks''

...Drink Pepsi

Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back


A: Son The Father / Magic Word / Fate of Fates /Crooked Head
B: Invisible Leader / BlackAlbino Bones / Crusades / I Hate Summer / Son Of Sam (Chain Gang)

Released: 2011

Label: Chunklet CHKLP005



Inserts: No regular insert

White sleeve - 6 different coloured vinyl variants
Black Sleeve - April Fools edition

Pressing Info:

Kickstarter copies:
Red translucent - 200

'Sellable' copies (900 total):
Salmon - 300
Gold translucent - 200
Black - 200
Black / White split - 100
Blue translucent - 100
April Fools Edition - 30 (of above?) black vinyl with black sleeve.

Pedantic Nerd Note:
Some sources state 100 copies on black. Presumably this arose from confusion over the statement  on the Chunklet site (page no longer available, but text copied below in Notes), which refers to 900 'sellable' copies, then goes on to give the breakdown below:

*200 Red (exclusively for Kickstarter contributors)
100 b/w split
300 Salmon
200 Gold
100 blue
the rest on black

*The Kickstarter copies were not 'sellable', hence ''the rest on black'' = 200

Red Translucent :Given to Kickstarter Contributors (200 copies)
'Salmon' - marbled opaque vinyl:
300  copies - supposedly, but this one seems to be less commonly available in the second hand market than most of the other variants
Gold translucent:
200 copies
200 copies
Black / White split:
100 copies
Blue translucent:
100 copies

Sleeve Notes:
May be a homage to the Ergs...


Text copied from post on Chunklet site:
A 12" special live set recorded by these Canadians in Atlanta at the EARL last year. They barrel through a ton of originals and a cover of "Son of Sam" by Chain Gang. Also on the bill were Carbonas, Bukkake Boys and American Cheeseburger. Damian espouses his love of Pepsi versus Coke and dedicates way too many songs to record collectors. Running time: 37 min.

Recorded to multi-track by Curt Wells.

Mastered by Jeff Capurso.

Lovingly messed with by Henry Owings.

Note: Any crackling or hissing you hear is completely intended. Limited to 900 sellable copies.

COLLECTOR SCUM ALERT: Buy more than one copy of each color and your order will be voided and you won't be notified.

200 Red (exclusively for Kickstarter contributors)
100 b/w split
300 Salmon
200 Gold
100 blue
the rest on black

Commodity Fetishism:

From Chunklet Site - page no longer exists, so via Vinyl Collective:
The Fucked Up 12" that we released this month has a special version that is going to be sold on April Fool's Day and on April Fool's Day only (starting at midnight EST). It's the "Coke Sucks Drink Pepsi" LP, but it's with a special silkscreened sleeve (by our homies at Bearded Lady in Austin) with a black vinyl record. ONLY 30 COPIES EXIST! So weird, the black is the rarest of all the editions we've got for sale. Can't believe more people don't want it.

(The comment black vinyl is the rarest of all the editions contradicts the maths used to come up with 200 copies above, however if it's the rarest, that would mean less than 100 and that doesn't really make sense either; there are certainly more than the 30 used for the April Fool. If you're a collector, consider yourself messed with).

'April Fools' Sleeve
Black sleeve with white lettering
From Chunklet Site -  via Vinyl Collective:
Got a special version of the Fucked Up 12" that is gonna be available for a grand total of 24 hours via the Chunklet site starting tonight at midnight. 30 copies. Similar sleeve to the test pressing, but it's white ink on a black jacket instead of silver.....Just to mess with record collectors. Any excess copies will be sold on eBay to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Chunklet 'tweet' March 31 2011
To those that love Fucked Up and April Fool's Day, a special edn of 30 of the new "Coke Sucks" 12" is for sale TOMORROW ONLY!

Test Pressing Sleeve:
Silver lettering; otherwise same as April  Fools sleeve

Test Pressing:
Purple 'belly-button-fluff' colour splatter


(Recorded live at WFMU)

Altamont Catalogue - Fall 2010 - Front Cover
Altamont Catalogue - Fall 2010 - Back Cover:
'Portrait of Jnr Abraham' with additional Pink Eye artwork
Altamont Catalogue - Back cover opened:
This shows the integral pocket for the record + 'Father and son' portrait, with additional Pink Eye artwork.
On the left are some of the products in the catalogue...

Altamont Catalogue:
As above, but with record removed from pocket


Tracks: Intro/Fate Of Fates B/W Invisible Leader
Released: 2010
Label: Altamont
Matrix A: 8948 - ALTAMONT - 10 (A) 5-70626 N
Matrix B: 8948 - ALTAMONT - 10 (B) 5-70626 N
Pressing Info: 200ish?
Inserts: No Inserts
Variants: No variants


Tracks recorded live at WFMU July 21 2007. Originally aired on the Terre T Cherry Blossom Clinic. (Click on that link, to listen to the tracks)...

Sleeve (& shirt) Notes:
Sponsored by Altamont 

Altamont Promotional info (Sept 8 2010):
For the Altamont Fall 2010 collection, Fucked Up contributed to the creation of the cover and vinyl 10" record for the Fall 2010 Altamont catalog, as well as two t-shirt designs. Here to explain the graphics in the Fucked Up for Altamont collaboration series is none other than Fucked Up frontman, Damian "Pink Eye" Abraham, himself:

Image borrowed from High Snobiety
"The idea for the Fucked Up hippie shirt, F'd Up Logo, was rooted in wanting to do something along the lines of the head shop Grateful Dead shirts. Around the age of 12, I went through a brief phase of taking acid, smoking weed and wearing a "steal your face" tie dye shirt. By the time I hit 14, I had taken a black sharpie and written "SUCKS" in huge letters across the front of said shirt and declared myself a punk, disavowing my brief "hippie" phase. With an enthusiasm that can only come from the recently converted, I professed my deep seated hatred of hippies to anyone that would listen as I thought that is what a good punk rocker should. However, after a few years passed, I learned more about the roots of punk and I began to soften my opinions. The importance of bands like MC5, Pink Fairies, The Fugs, Pink Floyd and countless others in forming what was to become called punk rock cannot be understated. This shirt is a tribute to all that is cool that came out of the hippies: Altamont, Weathermen, Manson, the great bands, drug culture, rock posters, underground comix, etc.

Image borrowed from High Snobiety
"The inspiration for the other shirt, F'd Up, came from the SST punk vs. raver t-shirt. When I was just getting interested in punk, my friends and I would pour over the cool shirts for punk bands/labels found in them Session's mailorder catalog. One of the shirts that I always wanted to order was a shirt with a drawing of a punk punching a raver in the face aka Punk vs. Raver shirt. Although I never did order the shirt the image of it has remained burned in my memory to this day. Unlike hippies, I still have never seen anything redeeming in rave culture. The same week Altamont asked us to do this I noticed a "Facebook" group for kids from Toronto that used to go to raves and it really bummed me out. So I asked Brian Walsby if he would be into doing his interpretation of the shirt on our behalf for Altamont. It turned out he had never seen the shirt so I gave him the gist of it and this is the result.

"Brian, in my opinion, is one of the best, most underrated illustrators to come out of punk. Though his art was used by everyone from 7 Seconds to The Melvins, he has somehow fallen into obscurity. He is also an amazing drummer having played in the pre-Ten Foot Pole band and 'Nardcore legends, Scared Straight, the pre-Superchunk band, Wax, Ryan Adams' pre-Whiskeytown band, The Patty Duke Syndrome and most recently winding up in one of the best current Hardcore bands, Double Negative.

Town Of Hardcore

(Split with Think I Care)

Straight Up...
(Matrix Message)

Sleeve - Front:
Blue paper dust sleeve, with screen-printed artwork
Sleeve - Back
Vinyl - FU Side:
Black labels with hand-stamped band initials
Vinyl - Think I Care side:Black labels with hand-stamped band initials


Tracks: Fucked Up recorded live at CBGB's 29/05/2006 B/W Think I Care  recorded live at Sound & Fury 28/07/2006.
Released: 2007
Label: Town of Hardcore / Eating Rats (Not on Label)
Matrix A: U-61243M-A "Straight up..."
Matrix B: U-61243M-B "town of hardcore" PCMTR

Pressing Info:
250 or 300 or maybe 500

No regular insert.

No Variants


TOHC Zineography
Zineography Book:
The record came with  pre-orders of the ''Town Of Hardcore Zineography" book. The Fucked Up tracks are ''Colour Removal'' and ''Police'' recorded live at CBGB's 29/05/2006.

LFG Post (Sept 14 2007):
Some other cool news I just learned from the internet is that we have a split 7" coming out with the defunct band Think I Care, who we played with a few times. Its coming with the Town Of Hardcore book, and is gonna be taken from a live show we did at CBGBs. Not sure when it's coming out, but you can stay ahead by going to this website and waiting.

'Teetill Death' Post (May 2011) (referring to ebay listing):
Kind of bummed to see the Town of Hardcore book languishing at 99 cents with a day to go. Especially since it includes the live ep and t-shirt. Usually you only see the book, or the book and the ep, but never all three. Definitely a trip to bummer town. Then again, (the) seller attributes the limited edition “dust jacket” artwork to Damian from Fucked Up, and you know what? Ol’ Pink Eyes didn’t draw that bad Larry. I did. So, maybe I'm not so bummed that this is going cheap after all…

I’m kidding, of course. Obviously this deserves better than 99 cents, it’s a collection of the best zine since Hardware. And since I’m here, here’s some more info on the dust cover…

TOHC Package:
Left: Shirt
Middle: 7"
Right: Dust cover (with book behind)

Like the auction says, only 200 came with the “dust cover”. I use “dust cover” loosely, because while this was originally drawn to be a full size wrap around dust jacket, I guess it wasn’t feasible for Eating Rats to make. So they went with the paper slip on. Kind of a downer, but understandable. Yes, that is supposed to be Steve fighting Colossal Man. Caricatures were never my strong point.

Limited Edition dust cover (200 copies)

Above: Numbered stamp on back of  dust cover

Close up of the stamp

Commodity Fetishism:

Test Press - Sleeve Front:
Guillotine execution scene, with 'Eating Rats' head superimposed
Test Press - Sleeve Back:
Fold out sleeve, with 3/4 back panel. 'Eating Rats' character bottom RHS
Test Pressing - Vinyl


Bruises are a universal language...

Sleeve - Front
Sleeves are hand-screen printed on brown heavy-stock paper
Sleeve - Back
Left: 'A' Side
Right: 'B' Side
Some labels are pure white, overs are cream coloured; one of each is shown above.
Sleeve - Folded Out
(Reverse is blank)


Tracks: 'A' Side - Fate of Fates / Police 'B' Side - Ban Violins / JTGA / Reset The Ride
Released: 2009
Label: Slowboy
Matrix A: BRUISES-A ...we will go and eat so much chocolate!... MMP VINYL
Matrix B: BRUISES-A ...bruises are a universal language... MMP VINYL

Pressing Info (Figures based on considered interpretation of conflicting information)
Black Vinyl
Total Press of 800:
600 in Brown 'regular sleeve'
100 in White 'show sleeve'
100 in Red 'mail-order sleeve' 
5 test presses

White Vinyl
Total Press of 50, Mixture of above sleeve colours, hand-stamped and numbered. Kept by label mostly for trading.
5 Test Presses

No regular insert. Some have gig tickets from Düsseldorf show.

Brown Sleeve (Regular Sleeve)
White Sleeve (Show Sleeve - Sold at Fucked Up show in Düsseldorf, Dec 3 2009)
Red Sleeve (Mail Order Sleeve)
White Vinyl (For Trade) 

Sleeve Variants:
Top: Brown - Regular sleeve
Bottom Left: Red - Mail Order sleeve
Bottom Right: White - Show sleeve: Some copies come with the red 'insert' shown top left and right; these are tickets from the show at which the red-sleeve version was sold 
White Vinyl Variant:
White vinyl with pink(ish) swirl, white labels stamped as per the black vinyl version.
Mixture of sleeve colours.
White Vinyl Variant:
As above. The sleeves have the FU logo stamped on the reverse and are hand-numbered out of 50.

Recorded live at Gleis 22, Münster.

From 'Münster Maritim' Tumblr:
Gleis 22, Münster (Jan 3 2007): This was one of the first shows of their second Euro tour. On this tour they came over with a complete lineup, unlike the first tour, where Damian had been replaced by the singer of Urban Blight. Also the “Bruises” live LP was recorded during this show. 

LFG Post (July 21 2009)
A few years ago we played a show in Munster Germany. It was the first time we ever got a hotel to stay at after the show. Plus the spread they gave us before the show still ranks with the best we've ever had. Before our set, I remember doing an interview with Ox Fanzine that took about 3 hours to do. We started before the show, had to move it into the van outside when the first band started, and then finished up just as we were about to play - you can hear sections of this interview on the 3rd Mixtape we did. It was funny and informative. That afternoon, or the next day, we had to take Damian to the hospital because he had some severe problems with his vocal chords - these were the days before we'd get him honey on every tour to leave on the floor of the van and never use, you see. Anyhow it was a busy day. We just got a board recording of the show, which was also notable because we set up behind a curtain that was dramatically pulled aside to reveal the band as we started into our first song. It was our first show in Germany with the full band (minus THE BEAV) and we all thought we played a pretty good show, but no one in the audience was doing anything - not moving, not singing, not really clapping. We were all confused when we had to do an encore after no one left at the end of our set. Some of the songs were a bit out of tune, I'm realizing now after listening to this recording but the set stands up, despite the old timey choice of songs.  It may one day get released on a 12" by some stand-stills in Germany.

German stand-stills at the Gleis 22 show - picture borrowed from Münster Maritim  

Sleeve Notes:

Jacobs Ladder (Image on Front of Sleeve)
Memento Mori? Image on Reverse of Sleeve & Ticket

Commodity Fetishism

Black Vinyl Test Pressing #04/05
White Vinyl Test Pressing #05/05
White Vinyl Test Pressing #05/05