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Smoking crack


Ha, Just watched the vid through and realised my deliberate mistake about Cherry Beach - it's the 7th song on the set list. Everything else is true...

Career Suicide formed around the same time as Fucked Up - 2001 or thereabouts - Jonah is in both bands and their recorded output tailed off a little when Fucked Up became a full-time project.

Now things are kicking off again, they've been playing shows, have an imminent new LP and last weekend they played in England for the first time since 2008; the same year their last record, 'Cherry Beach' (7") came out. The London shows were great and on the last night they played a few extra songs, one of which was 'Cherry Beach'...

Below is a set list and video of the last night, the song doesn't appear on either, but they definitely played it at the end. It was really hot, sweaty and beer soaked. I'd 'danced' a little too enthusiastically and when the extra songs started, I was trying to decide if it would be less cool to have a heart attack in the mosh pit, or vacate and sit down, but then Cherry Beach came on and I had to stagger around a little longer. Fortunately they stopped just about then and I was able to sit on the edge of the stage clutching my chest and so, just before the ambulance came, I bagged a set list...

Here's the vid:

And here's a discography:

so one by one i let them go 
all the things that i've ever known 
the anchors fall out of my head 
i can't look back at what i've shed

the tears are pouring from my eyes 
those little weights i try to cry 
to shake the earth and leave behind 
i see things like i've never seen 
become someone i've never been

by now i've dropped so many things 
it's like i've grown a pair of wings 
my mind supine, the kiss of sky 
so fresh, so close, it seems that i can fly

where is the ox that left and got away 
i flew away from all the pain of stress and tears 
tear the sun and moon and split the sky 
into the sky the light the peace of mind to find 
find the beast and set a golden yoke 


Is that what the Logo is for?

Yeah, that's how logos work. Records are sort of a casual way of participating in someone else's project; you mostly have them as a background to whatever else you're working on and devoting your attention to. Wearing a Fucked Up shirt or armband means you are taking part in the project, because you are broadcasting the band into the world. We've only made like 50 shirts and a couple hundred armbands, but we used to be amazed when people we'd never met before would buy a shirt; we played the Reverb with Kill Your Idols a few years ago and some pretty hip woman walked out of the club wearing the Logo, out into whatever culture she was part of, to trasmit FU to her crowd. We got the circle-F into a Treble Charger video here in Canada, who are a major label pop band, because our friend Ben wore it when he did a cameo in it with Arvil Lavigne. 

We're trying to get them everywhere. That's why we pay for our friends to get it tattooed if they want. Bands get confused into worrying about lettering, band pictures and that shit on their records; first you have to get a logo if you want to get yourself into peoples brains. That's how Black Flag got popular, by reproducing themselves through their logo all over LA. Those aren't just bars, they have a meaning. That's how sigils work, they sneak through the corner of your eye and into your subconcsious where they start to pick at your life.

Some nerd has just put together this playlist of a few of the FU tracks featured exclusively on compilations...

Compilations Featuring Fucked Up

(Illustrated List)

This is a list of all the compilations featuring Fucked Up that I know of. A few of them will get their own separate page.

The tracks highlighted in red were mostly unique to the particular recording - youtube links to some of these are included.

Toronto City Omnibus
Format: 12" Vinyl
Year: 2003
FU Tracks: "Generation" / "Last Man Standing" (Later appeared on "Epics in Minutes" CD)
Label: Schizophrenic Schiz 018

Notes: Made by record lovers for record lovers.

Variants: Three vinyl colour variants (Black, Clear & Green)

Town of Hardcore 
Format: 7" Vinyl
Year: 2003
FU Track: "88"
Label: Town of Hardcore

Notes:  Came with issue 6 of TOH fanzine.

Variants: 500 pressed of which 200 had stamp on inside of fold out cover.

Generations: A Hardcore Compilation 
Format: CD & 12" Vinyl
Year: 2005
FU Track: "Dropout"
Label: Revelation Records Revelation 130

Notes: Sleeve and insert with lots of B&W pictures of hardcore dudes. Bought one copy, but can live without the variants...

Variants: CD plus three vinyl variants:
Test press: 42 black Vinyl
1st press: 550 red vinyl
1st press: 550 blue vinyl

Pink Eye Club Chi-Town Get Down
Format: CDR
Year: 2005
FU Tracks: "Search For The Words" (From "Secret" 7") "Dance Of Death" (Original Rough Mix)
Label: Not on label

Notes: Numbered edition of 50 made for the Pink Eye solo band tour.

Variants: Individually hand numbered

Killed by Canada
Format: CD
Year: 2006
FU Track: "Try A Little Togetherness" (Cover of song by the soul band 'The Younghearts')
Label: Fans Of Bad Productions  FOBP15

Notes: Punk / hardcore comp on Canadian label

Vice CD/DVD #5 Presented By Radar.net
Format: CD/DVD
Year: 2006
FU Track: "Baiting The Public" (From "Hidden World" LP)
Label: Vice Records

Hassle: Volume One
Format: CD
Year: 2007
FU Track: "David Comes To Life" (From "Hidden World" LP)
Label: Hassle Records HODD033CD N/A

Notes: Punk / hardcore compiled by Radio 1 DJ Daniel P Carter

Rough Trade Shops - Counter Culture 07
Format: CD
Year: 2008
FU Track: "Year Of The Pig" (Edit)
Label: Counter Culture Records CC 07

Notes: The sixth annual Rough Trade compilation. Compiled by the RT staff.

All Areas Volume 97
Format: CD
Year: 2008
FU Track: "Twice Born"  (From "Chemistry of Common Life" LP)
Label: Visions Magazine  CA ALLAREASVOL97

Notes: German Visions Magazine #188 (11/2008). Release comes in a cardboard sleeve.

Live At The Devil's Triangle Vol 11
Format: CD
Year: 2008
FU Track: "Baiting The Public"  (Recorded Live in The Pit at KFJC, Los Altos Hills, CA.)
Label: KFJC

Notes: The CD was a donation premium sent out to contributors to KFJC 89.7 FM, Los Altos Hills, CA in 2008

Killed By Trash 2
Format: 12" Vinyl
Year: 2008
FU Track: "Job" (Cover of Nubs Song)
Label: P. Trash Records Full Trash 20 

Variants: Test Pressing plus three sleeve variants
775 with regular sleeve (this).
125 with 2 colors (black/red) silk-screened sleeve, printed on thick white paper.
100 "Band Only Edition" with 2 colors (black/gold) silk-screened sleeve, printed on thick grey paper

Format: CD Promo
Year: 2009
FU Track: "The Peaceable Kingdom" (From "Chemistry of Common Life" Vinyl LP)
Label: Ontario Media Development Corporation

Notes: This track appears on the vinyl version of the Chemcom LP, but not on the CD

Matador At 21
Format: CD & 12" Vinyl
Year: 2010
FU Track: "Son The Father" (From "Chemistry of Common Life" LP)
Label: Matador OLE 1000-1

Notes: 21st anniversary of Matador 'The release has been assigned the catalog number OLE-1000, which is pushing it a little bit because we’re really only up to OLE-949... A budget-priced double vinyl set reproduces the contents of Disc 5, ‘Matador Today,’... All proceeds from the set will go to benefit three charities

Variants: Double LP & Ltd 6 CD box set

Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute To Swingin' Utters
Format: CD
Year: 2010
FU Track: "Lazer Attack" (Cover of Swingin' Utters song)
Label: Red Scare CCCP 135-2

Notes: Various punk bands cover Swingin' Utters.

Mixed Combat Vol.1 2010 Recorded Live! On KBOO 90.7 FM PDX
Format: Cassette
Year: 2010
FU Track: "Baiting The Public" (Live)
Label: Life During Wartime  

Notes: Compilation of bands recorded playing live on 'Life During Wartime' radio show (Portland Or).

Punkdistro-Y A Promotional Bombination In 28 Blasts!
Format: CD Promo
Year: 2011
FU Track: "Fixed Race" (From "Dangerous Fumes" 7")
Label:  Farewell Records FWR #38 La Familia Releases


Intended Play (Matador & True Panther 2011-2012)
Format: 12" Vinyl
Year: 2012
FU Track: "Into The Light " (From "Byrdesale Garden City" 7")
Label:  Matador ‎– OLE-981-1, True Panther Sounds

Notes: This (insanely) budget-priced vinyl sampler showcases new tracks and now-classics from Matador/True Panther circa 2011-2012...

Rated G.G.
Format: 7" Vinyl
Year: 2012
FU Track: "Clap Clap Clap" (G Rated cover of GG Allin )
Label:  WFMU

Notes: WFMU Gift given as incentive to donors.

Variants: Regular black vinyl and ltd transparent brown vinyl

Head Space

Byrdesdale Spa has definitely seen better days, but it's not a bad place to wander around with the Pavilion demo blasting out on the Walkman...

Twelve (12)


Wikipedia: In both astrology and historical astronomy, the zodiac is a circle of twelve 30° divisions of celestial longitude that are centered upon the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun across the celestial sphere over the course of the year....

Solar Epiphany

 I think life is the best idea anyone ever had - I want to pay tribute to it. A lot of people have wondered if Fucked Up became a religious band because we talk about god all the time, but thats not really the case - we are a bunch of people who don't believe in god but know that life would be a lot easier if we did. All the lyrics I write are about trying to find god in nature, like looking for these unexplainable and mystical processes that you can look at with a microscope, you know the memory stored in DNA, or the brightness of the sun - thats god I think and thats what's important for me to think about.

(The artist formerly known as 10K speaking about Chemistry of Common Life)

Scare Tactic / As One

Scare Tactic is where we can begin Jonah's story, for the purposes of this FU related discography. The band comprised Jesse Parker on vocals, Jonah on Guitar, Robert Parker (Jesse's younger brother) on drums and their friend James on Bass. The following quotes from Jonah are taken from email correspondence.
Jonah: Jesse, Robert, and I were all in school together. James was their neighbourhood friend. The three of them were in a band called BSE and had been playing pop punk shows since a really young age. Jesse and I were in a history class together, he asked me to join their band on guitar. Our first "show" was at high school, opening for a German pop-rock band called "Die Sterne" who came and did a big outdoor gig for the student body c/o the German dept (who the hell knows why...probably something to do with Oktoberfest). The set was all covers. 

Jonah joined BSE in 1997 or 1998, the band later changed its name to As One, referencing the song by NYHC band Warzone. As One recorded a four song CD "No Less An Authority"circa 2000, then "sowhatifi'mafuckingdemo" during the winter of 2000. The demo was recorded in Jesse's basement, by his uncle and released on cassette.
Jonah: We changed the name to As One to write more metallic, straight edge hc type songs (FTR, I was never straight edge). Demo was written as we were getting more in to the local hc scene and hearing a lot more music across the eras of punk and hc. When the demo was going to be pressed to vinyl, we switched the name over to Scare Tactic. 

Scare Tactic: Jonah on Guitar, James on Bass...

Career Suicide...

...will be along shortly. The CS link in the discog list below is not live, but soon will be. In the meantime, if you like looking at pictures of music containers, (and who doesn't?) you can check out the Mercury Girls page.


(Mercury Girls)

Jonah drums, produces and helps with song-writing in post-punk quartet Pavillion. They were formerly called Mercury Girls, but changed the name shortly after the release of the demo to avoid confusion with a band of the same name from Philadelphia.

Check their music out on bandcamp, details of their physical releases are below.

"Demo / Mercury Girls Demo" (Cassette)

First Press - Smoky silver cassette
Second Press - Matte black cassette

Artwork on inside of inlay


Tracks: In Your Hands, Beautiful Sight, Pale Shades of Green, Binds
Released: April 2015
Label: Not on label (self released)
Pressing Info:
1st press - smoky silver tapes with a clear leader, 75-100 made
2nd press - matte black tapes with a red leader, 200 made
Other Variants: Inlays are either ivory or a pale green colour, later copies have the new band name on the spine.

Inlays on pale shade of green, or ivory paper - the artwork was updated on later copies to reflect the change of band name

"Vexation of Spirit" (Cassette)

Inlays on hyacinth blue paper, matte black cassette

Inlay - front

Inlay - back

"Pavilion / Pet Sun " (Split Cassette)


Tracks: Pale Shades of Green (Pavilion) / Wish it Was (Pet Sun
Released: February 2016
Label: Long Winter
Pressing Info:


Is this

starting to

get a

bit silly? 

Unfolded inserts
(Cheers Maarten)


Killed Anna?

Been looking out for the Lonely Wholesome "Who Killed Anna?" lathe-cut for a while. According to rumour 50 records were cut, but most didn't get to the folk that had ordered them because the guy who ran the label (Scotch Tapes) had some kind of nasty boat accident.

Recently I heard about someone who'd found one in a second-hand shop in Canada, so I contacted him to ask for some pics as I'd never seen one... After that one also appeared on Discogs, so maybe the pressing (or cutting) is in circulation?

Anyway, it's a REALLY nicely put together thing,  but I have no idea what the artwork is about. (I'm not into conspiracy theories and don't want to get killed / have an accident).

Inside Out

Watson, distressed and fearing for the world's sanity, built the Asylum to put it in and help it get better. 

The Asylum is a four-walled house turned inside out.