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"Sun Glass"

Sacred young, feel the sun, vermillion. Avert your gaze, be afraid, can't look away.
Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back
Vinyl - 'A' Side
Insert - Front
Insert - Back


Tracks: Sun Glass B/W B.O.K.
Released: 2014
Label: Matador Records OLE 1072-7
Matrix A: OLE-1072-7 - A    GOLDEN
Matrix B: OLE-1072-7 - B    GOLDEN
Pressing Info: 2000? TBC
Inserts: Regular insert as pictured above
Variants: No variants


Lyric Sheet: Who knows what happened to this nicely illustrated sheet? It
dosen't seem to have made it as far as the actual record...

Nerd Note:
Rocks in the sky frozen in time.
Paper hearts to set alight.
Scissors cut the old flame from the fire.

Video Still: Who know's what the elaborate spooky shadows on the table
are about? They didn't make it to the final cut...

Nerd Note:
Instead of misinterpreting the cycles / youth / death imagery, lets just stick
to the fact that the concert footage is from Tank Crimes Brain Squeeze.

Alternative Artwork: Who knows what this was
used for? It was used for the promo CD.


I was so young when I disapeared. When I woke up I was here...
Sleeve - Front

Sleeve - Back

Insert - Front
Insert - Back
Second insert - Tribute to Will Munro (Single-sided)


Tracks: Blink B/W The Way We Did
Released: 2014
Label: Fucked Up records (Self release) FU: 012
Matrix A: FU012-A   R-29038
Matrix B: FU012-B   R-29039
Pressing Info: 500
Inserts: Regular inserts as pictured above
Variants: No variants


FU Website Post - June 05 2014:
You didn’t think we were just going to release a new full-length LP with an additional deluxe version that had an alternate drum pass and just leave it at that right? C’mon you know us better than that by now. We’re gonna have a few Glass Boys sessions 7″s coming out this summer. The first one you can pre-order today at our new merch store: Our store has 100 copies for sale and the rest will be available next week in Toronto at some things and on our tour in Europe in a couple weeks. And that’s probably it. 500 copies total. This is an FU self-release, FU:012 if you’re counting.

The record has “Blink” b/w “The Way We Did”, two songs we recorded during the Glass Boys sessions and maybe should’ve made the record because they are really good. The songs are about subcultures and growing up in the Toronto scene.

Sleeve Notes:

From same FU  post as above:
On the cover of the record is a picture of Will Munro, a notorious Toronto personality who left us way too soon. You can read about his outsized influence on Toronto culture in this book Army of Lovers by Sarah Liss. Included in the record is something that Mike wrote about Will on Looking For Gold that you can read here.

Will Munro

Insert image is central part of photo taken at Long Winter Show, by 'Take More Photos' 

Labels: Geometric pattern with central sun

The geometric patterns of Islamic art constitute an infinite pattern that extends beyond the visible material world.... the best art that can be created by man for use in the Mosque is art that displays the underlying order and unity of nature. The order and unity of the material world, is a mere ghostly approximation of the spiritual world, which is the place where the only true reality exists. (Modified from Wikipedia).

Mosque Wall

'We have invented happiness,' say the last men, and they blink. (Nietzsche)

''Royal Swan''

(Split with Katie Stelmanis)

To bid death farewell the journey ends with a swan at the top of the earth...

Sleeve - FU Side:
Some swans at the top of the earth
Sleeve - Katie Stelmanis Side:
Stelmanis duets (spars) with Damian on ''Royal Swan''
Appears here colour coordinated and with symbolic upside-down FU logo.
Vinyl: Black labels; the other two ChemCom singles repeat the sleeve artwork on the label

Insert - Front:
Sempervivum image by Albert Renger-Patzsch
The name Sempervivum has its origin in the Latin semper ("always") and vivus ("living"), which may or may not be relevant; likewise the fact that it has hermaphrodite flowers (more on that later) 
Insert - Back:
Lyrics / credits


Tracks: Royal Swan B/W I'm Sick (Katie Stelmanis)
Released: 2008
Label: Matador Records OLE 848-7
Matrix A: OLE 848-7-A         GOLDEN
Matrix B: OLE 848-7-B          GOLDEN
Pressing Info: One Time Pressing of 1000 (September 3, 2008)
Inserts: Regular insert as pictured above
Variants: No variants

Originally intended for distribution only at the 12 hour "Chemistry of Common Life" release show, subsequent lack of availability lead to ebay madness remaining copies were made available some time later via the FU online store.

LFG Post (Dec 12 2008)
So in case you were wondering why this song is called Royal Swan in the first place - the term comes to us (me) by way of the Russian Esotericist Boris Mouravieff (by way of the ancient "Orient"), who explains that once existed a royal race of birds that when presented with a mixture of milk and water, could separate the liquid to drink the milk and leave the water behind. The appeal of this myth to Fucked Up should be plain to even the most casual observer.

LFG Post (Dec 27 2010)
All the artwork associated with the ChemCom album shared the sunlight theme. All of the 7"'s (No Epiphany, Royal Swan, Crooked Head) had the sun very prominently displayed on the covers, as did obviously the album itself. This picture was therefore a no brainer - a bunch of swans, the sun. I just found it in the library's image bank in the "Swans" folder when I was looking for LP artwork. This 7" only really exists
 because this picture is so perfect - if we'd have found a picture that perfectly represented the lyrics to "Days of Last" or whatever, that would have been the 7" instead of this, but I couldn't find this picture and not make
 it the cover of a record. The song title refers to a G I Gurdjieff anecdote about these ancient swans used by royalty who had the ability to separate milk from a mixture with water. This goes back to the alchemy theme, wanting the ability to separate the wheat from the chaff, in the parlance of our times.

G I Gurdjieff

From Wikipedia:
Gurdjieff was an influential spiritual teacher of the early to mid-20th century who taught that most humans live their lives in a state of hypnotic "waking sleep", but that it is possible to transcend to a higher state of consciousness and achieve full human potential.

Royal Swans:
''In Search of The Miraculous'' By PD Ouspensky
''Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Fragments'' By Boris Mouravieff

Commodity Fetishism:

Test Pressing:
Generic white sleeve with handwriting, generic labels

''No Epiphany''

Son of Heaven, The Sun of God...

Sleeve - Front: The Sun
Vinyl - 'A' side: The Sun
Sleeve - Back: The Sun
Vinyl - 'B' side: The Sun
Insert - Front: The Sun (and a boat)...
Image originally used on ''Carried Out To The Sea" 7" (Which doesn't exist)
Insert: The Sun
Top: Unidentified 'Solar Calendar'. Sun surrounded by repeating pattern of four symbols contained by ouroboros
Bottom Left: Final lyrics by 10K
Bottom Right: Original Lyrics by Mr Jo - this version appears on 'Couple Tracks'


Tracks: No Epiphany B/W No Epiphany (No Age Remix)
Released: 2009
Label: Matador Records OLE 838-7
Matrix A: OLE 838-7-A         GOLDEN
Matrix B: OLE 838-7-B          GOLDEN
Pressing Info: One Time Pressing of 3000 (February 3, 2009)
Inserts: Regular insert as pictured above
Variants: No variants


FU Tom Jones 'Poison Idea' Shirt -  Front
FU Tom Jones Shirt - Back

LFG Post (Feb 11 2009): 
Hi, we are releasing the No Epiphany 7" single on March 10 ... it's the 3rd single off the ChemCom album, the first being Crooked Head, which you can get anywhere, the 2nd being Royal Swan, which you can get nowhere.

As you can see from this picture the single arrives fraught with mystery and hilarity. Why did the NME name it "Single of the Week" 4 months before it was even released? What on it made Katy Perry call us "good musicians?", and why did Tom Jones admit that it was "not something (he) would play"?

Originally this 7" was planned as kind of a double aside - the actual aside containing the album version of the song, and the more symbolic aside (ie the bside) containing a demo version of the track.

When we recorded the song we did a few versions of it. Jonah wrote this song, and he really likes punk, so No Epiphany was originally conceived as a faster piece. I kind of like punk, so I decide it would sound cooler if it was slower, and had some ridiculous guitar tracks all over it...if you are on this website you've heard the press - No Epiphany has 1546 guitar tracks in total, mostly all written on the spot. I digress - the bside for this 7" was originally going to be the faster version of the song that was eventually completed - the faster music and lyrics written by Jonah Himself. Also he played all the instruments. We got No Age to do a remix of the original album version, and now thats on the 7" instead, but I feel bad for Falco, because his version got bumped (twice now), so here is a little tribute to his vision:

Jonah's Lyrics:
- the sun of heaven, its message sent
- gaze in the blaze of incendiary judgement
- present a life or a static catastrophe
- no epiphany

- regard the victor - his splendour, foiled
- unveil the laggard in all his spoils
- worst of its vision makes all liquid boil
- no epiphany

- perchance to glance a glimpse thereof
- a salty tear tended by a mother's love
- reveals the sun-kissed shade of ennui
- no epiphany

- I see the cover but never the book
- you can change but i'll only ever look
- no amount of time can be took
- no epiphany

- nothing new and nothing old
- facet the diamond or burn the coal
- the gleaming essence of miscellany
- no epiphany

- do what you will to incense, to make irate
- shatter life's foundations with a pathetic shake
- a callous smirk at the shifting plates
- no epiphany

An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, "manifestation, striking appearance") is an experience of sudden and striking realization...

The word epiphany originally referred to insight through the divine. Today, this concept is used much more often and without such connotations, but a popular implication remains that the epiphany is supernatural, as the discovery seems to come suddenly from the outside.

No Epiphany:
Where none of the above happens.

Son of Heaven...
Hidden World Show Poster:
Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest heavens ''Dude, is that like a big 'F' in a circle?'';
from Gustave Doré's illustrations to the Divine Comedy.

Commodity Fetishism:

Test Pressing - No Epiphany - No Picture

Haymaker / Split

''Who are the Nazis and who are the rats?
(Mixtape 1 Side A)

Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back

Sleeve Folded Out - Front: Hitler Youth Rally & 'Rat Catcher'

Sleeve Folded Out - Back: The Rats


Tracks: Fucked Up @ Signal To Noise Studio 7/22/02 B/W Haymaker @ The Music Gym 2/31/02
Released: Feb 2005
Label: Deep Six Records DS#52

Matrix A: FUCKED UP R-19103 DEEPSIX#49-F
Matrix B: HAYMAKER R-19104 DEEPSIX#49-H

Pressing Info:
1st Press - 1000  (Comprising 200 White and 800 Black vinyl)
2nd - 500 Grey vinyl
3rd - 1000 Clear vinyl, labels on wrong side of disk
4th - ? Translucent 'camo green' vinyl, plain black labels
5th - ? 'Marbled'
6th - ? Green

Different vinyl colours as picture below.

No regular insert. 
Someone at Deep Six missed the memo about not doing variants...

Top L-R: White, Black, Grey (1st & 2nd press)
Middle L-R: Clear, Camo, Marbled (3rd, 4th & 5th press)
Bottom: Green (6th press)


Fucked Up Tracks recorded 3 years earlier in July 2002, during the same recording session as ''Police''. The notes below are copied are cropped from a  2010 LFG Blog Post about the band's first CIUT session in 2001 and hopefully relate to three of the tracks on this record...
1) THE LURKING FEAR Ok I have no idea what this song was about, but the title comes from and HP Lovecraft short story. We weren't horror or literature fans really back then, but we were totally into the idea of urban paranoia so much that pretty much every song in this set sounds like the insane ramblings of an urban planning dropout turned homeless beggar, which is pretty close to the kind of person I was in 2001. Damian was still Damian, and so was still even then an expert in putting a stick in my craw. Here we were on our first radio session ever about to play the most revelatory political hardcore the world had ever seen and he's making a reference to some dumb band Simon and Ewan had for one summer before either of us started going to shows.Often I would write lyrics and music at the same time, and Damian would change the lyrics when we started practicing. This song very quickly became "Red" which was about his girlfriend at the time. He got the title from that Red White and Blue film trilogy. This song actually appears on Epics in Minutes somehow.
3) FOLLOWING What did I saw about urban paranoia before? This song got it's name from the movie that the guy did before he did Memento (which was the one he did before Batman), which was about someone being paranoid about getting following around some bleak urban setting. This song later appeared on our split with Haymaker and changed names and lyrics. Don't bother looking it up tho, because all the song titles on the Haymaker split are fake.
6) LAND OF NOD This song became "Last Man Standing" and is actually pretty good considering it was written in 1998, when human-kinds influence by bandana-thrash was at it's all time perigee. As has been stated before, this song was written for my old band Rxxxxxxxxx, but was rejected and became a Fucked Up song. The original title refers to the original concept, which was a metaphor for the human race being asleep in the face of oppression, paranoia and all that other stuff. Here is the extent to which we were still kind of a trash band in 2001: the song was entitled "slow" on our setlists when we played it, as in "all our songs are so fast, the one that is marginally less fast is so different conceptually that we have to make a specific note of it by referring to it as 'slow'". The liner notes for this song were to come with the obvious Baudrillard quotes (our favourite guy back then) and made reference to this POEM:

THE LAND OF NOD by Robert Louis Stevenson 
From breakfast on through all the day
At home among my friends I stay,
But every night I go abroad
Afar into the land of Nod.
All by myself I have to go,
With none to tell me what to do--
All alone beside the streams
And up the mountain-sides of dreams.
The strangest things are there for me,
Both things to eat and things to see,
And many frightening sights abroad
Till morning in the land of Nod.
Try as I like to find the way,
I never can get back by day,
Nor can I remember plain and clear
The curious music that I hear.

Sleeve Notes:

The Rats
Nazi propaganda portrayed the Jews as rats. See also 'The Eternal Jew'

The Rat Catcher
This is (probably) a reference to the Pied Piper of Hamelin, who cleared the rats from the town, then lead all the children away.

Hitler Youth Rally
This image shows the control of Hitler over his people and appears on the same side of the fold-out sleeve as the rat catcher.

Fake song titles:
As mentioned above, the song titles below relating to the FU tracks are fake:
Black Iron Prison
Dove of Wood
Dove of Wood
The Black Rats
Surrounded by Boys

Black Iron Prison
This references a concept  in the book 'Valis' by Philip K Dick:

Wikipedia: The Black Iron Prison is a concept of an all-pervasive system of social control postulated in the Tractates Cryptica Scriptura, a summary of an unpublished Gnostic exegesis included in VALIS.
Once, in a cheap science fiction novel, Fat had come across a perfect description of the Black Iron Prison, but set in the far future. So if you superimposed the past (ancient Rome) over the present (California in the twentieth century) and superimposed the far future world of The Android Cried Me a River over that, you got the Empire, as the supra- or trans-temporal constant. Everyone who had ever lived was literally surrounded by the iron walls of the prison; they were all inside it and none of them knew it.

Philosophical and cultural references
Theology and philosophy, especially metaphysical philosophy, play an important role in VALIS, presenting not just Dick's (and/or Horselover Fat's) own views on these subjects but also his interpretation of numerous religions and philosophies of the past. The most prominent religious references are to Valentinian Gnosticism, the Rose Cross Brotherhood, Zoroastrianism andBuddhism, as well as Biblical writings including the Book of Daniel and the New Testament epistles. Many ancient Greek philosophers are discussed, including several Pre-Socratics (Pythagoras, Xenophanes, Heraclitus, Empedocles andParmenides) as well as Plato and Aristotle. More recent thinkers that are mentioned include the philosophers Pascal andSchopenhauer, the Christian mystic Jakob Böhme, the alchemist Paracelsus, the psychologists Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, the Romanian historian of religion Mircea Eliade, and the author and psychologist Robert Anton Wilson. In Wilson's autobiographical Cosmic Trigger (released shortly before Dick commenced work on VALIS), Wilson describes similar musings concerning the 'Sirius Connection', contemplating the idea that alien entities are sending out waves of information that we can tune in on.

The action of VALIS is set firmly in the American popular culture of its time, with references to the Grateful Dead, Frank Zappaand Linda Ronstadt as well as the fictional rock musicians Eric Lampton and Brent Mini. However, the novel also contains a number of high culture references such as the poets Vaughan, Wordsworth and Goethe, and the classical composers Handeland Wagner. In particular, the novel contains several extended discussions about Wagner's metaphysical opera Parsifal.



Commodity Fetishism:

Test press from first press

Test press, probably for one of the later presses, with 'Psychotic Little Man' hand-drawn cover by Jeff Beckman (Haymaker)

(1) LFG Blog 2010 Re CIUT session 2001

Two Fakes

(Fake Dangerous Fumes & Baiting with Wrong Labels)

Same Vinyl - Two Records

After the first press of ''Baiting The Public'', (a release designed to frustrate and confuse), the band received another 250 copies of the record; these new ones had accidentally been pressed with the same labels as ''Epics in Minutes'' - the so-called 'Secret' 7''. 
''Fake Epics'' Vinyl - Looks a bit like the Secret 7".

As any nerd knows, different record pressings can be identified by the unique matrix code in the vinyl run-out, near the centre of the record. However the Baiting 'mispress' came with (almost) the same matrix text as the 'Secret' 7'' and the matrix was therefore a red herring.

Both records came in a generic white dust sleeve;  in their original form they look identical. This could prove confusing - a cynical person might think this version of 'Baiting' was pressed with the intent of extending the original prank;  not so much a mispress, more a fake version of the Secret 7".  

''Fake Epics'' Generic sleeve, conveniently annotated
It seems the band were aware of the trouble this might bring and so after they'd given away a bunch of ''Fake Epics'' (maybe at the same time as the Secret 7'' and maybe inadvertently mixing the two up a little), they helpfully attempted to avoid further confusion by taking a bunch more and gluing new labels on to make the ''Fake Dangerous Fumes''. 
''Fake Dangerous Fumes'' Left: Photocopy sleeve showing 'uncropped' image used for Dangerous Fumes - the container in the foreground was cropped out of the final version.  Right: Disk with Litany labels glued over Epics labels

The real ''Dangerous Fumes'' was not released at this point, so for a while it was a fake copy of something that didn't exist. Also, because it didn't exist, they didn't have Dangerous Fumes labels, so they used the ones from ''Litany'' instead. The vinyl has a big hole and the labels have a small one so they are a bit flimsy in the middle...

''Fake Dangerous Fumes'' Sleeve folded out


Tracks: Baiting The Public (Split over two sides)
''Released'': ''Fake Epics'' - 2003. ''Fake Dangerous Fumes'' - 2005
Label: ''Fake Epics'' has the same labels as ''Epics in Minutes''. ''Fake Dangerous Fumes'' has the same labels as the first press of ''Litany''

Pressing Info:
250 in total, divided into two 'bunches':
Bunch 1: ''Fake Epics in Minutes'' looked the same as ''Epics in Minutes'' and given away.
Bunch 2:  Made into''Fake Dangerous Fumes'' and sold on first West Coast Tour (2005)

No regular insert.

    Notes 1: Fake Epics

    From FU Board:

    How were the ‘baiting with epics labels’ put to use? Was there a kind of Situationist thing going on where hapless folk were tricked into thinking they’d got hold of the ‘secret’ 7″ when really they just had a baiting the public disk, which paradoxically the actual vinyl was rarer than both epics and the regular baiting?

    the epics baiting labels i think were a misprint because we got baiting and the secret 7″ pressed at the same time and some came back with misprinted labels so we gave a bunch of them away.

    Notes 2: Fake Dangerous Fumes

    From 'Couple Tracks' LP insert notes regarding ''Dangerous Fumes'' 7":
    This song has been kicking through the FU discography for a while. Nerds will note its first appearance as a fake 7" that we sold on our first west coast tour. It consisted of a ''Baiting The Public'' 7'' with ''Litany'' labels that we glued on, and a photocopied ''Dangerous Fumes'' Cover. 

    Sleeve Notes

    Dante's Inferno: Back image of Fake Dangerous Fumes is an extract of a picture showing Bertran de Born  ''who carries around his severed head like a lantern (a literal representation of allowing himself to detach his intelligence from himself)'' (1).
    The scene is from Bolgia Nine in the the Eighth Circle of Hell (Dante's Inferno). Significantly, the eighth circle is for those that commit FRAUD, also Bertran de Born is portrayed in the story as a sower of discord.

    vBig gap v

    Fake: Big gap between 'Red Herring' & 'Red'

    Not Fake: Small gap between 'Red Herring' & 'Red'.
     'RE1' opposite - see top right