''No Epiphany''

Son of Heaven, The Sun of God...

Sleeve - Front: The Sun
Vinyl - 'A' side: The Sun
Sleeve - Back: The Sun
Vinyl - 'B' side: The Sun
Insert - Front: The Sun (and a boat)...
Image originally used on ''Carried Out To The Sea" 7" (Which doesn't exist)
Insert: The Sun
Top: Unidentified 'Solar Calendar'. Sun surrounded by repeating pattern of four symbols contained by ouroboros
Bottom Left: Final lyrics by 10K
Bottom Right: Original Lyrics by Mr Jo - this version appears on 'Couple Tracks'


Tracks: No Epiphany B/W No Epiphany (No Age Remix)
Released: 2009
Label: Matador Records OLE 838-7
Matrix A: OLE 838-7-A         GOLDEN
Matrix B: OLE 838-7-B          GOLDEN
Pressing Info: One Time Pressing of 3000 (February 3, 2009)
Inserts: Regular insert as pictured above
Variants: No variants


FU Tom Jones 'Poison Idea' Shirt -  Front
FU Tom Jones Shirt - Back

LFG Post (Feb 11 2009): 
Hi, we are releasing the No Epiphany 7" single on March 10 ... it's the 3rd single off the ChemCom album, the first being Crooked Head, which you can get anywhere, the 2nd being Royal Swan, which you can get nowhere.

As you can see from this picture the single arrives fraught with mystery and hilarity. Why did the NME name it "Single of the Week" 4 months before it was even released? What on it made Katy Perry call us "good musicians?", and why did Tom Jones admit that it was "not something (he) would play"?

Originally this 7" was planned as kind of a double aside - the actual aside containing the album version of the song, and the more symbolic aside (ie the bside) containing a demo version of the track.

When we recorded the song we did a few versions of it. Jonah wrote this song, and he really likes punk, so No Epiphany was originally conceived as a faster piece. I kind of like punk, so I decide it would sound cooler if it was slower, and had some ridiculous guitar tracks all over it...if you are on this website you've heard the press - No Epiphany has 1546 guitar tracks in total, mostly all written on the spot. I digress - the bside for this 7" was originally going to be the faster version of the song that was eventually completed - the faster music and lyrics written by Jonah Himself. Also he played all the instruments. We got No Age to do a remix of the original album version, and now thats on the 7" instead, but I feel bad for Falco, because his version got bumped (twice now), so here is a little tribute to his vision:

Jonah's Lyrics:
- the sun of heaven, its message sent
- gaze in the blaze of incendiary judgement
- present a life or a static catastrophe
- no epiphany

- regard the victor - his splendour, foiled
- unveil the laggard in all his spoils
- worst of its vision makes all liquid boil
- no epiphany

- perchance to glance a glimpse thereof
- a salty tear tended by a mother's love
- reveals the sun-kissed shade of ennui
- no epiphany

- I see the cover but never the book
- you can change but i'll only ever look
- no amount of time can be took
- no epiphany

- nothing new and nothing old
- facet the diamond or burn the coal
- the gleaming essence of miscellany
- no epiphany

- do what you will to incense, to make irate
- shatter life's foundations with a pathetic shake
- a callous smirk at the shifting plates
- no epiphany

An epiphany (from the ancient Greek ἐπιφάνεια, epiphaneia, "manifestation, striking appearance") is an experience of sudden and striking realization...

The word epiphany originally referred to insight through the divine. Today, this concept is used much more often and without such connotations, but a popular implication remains that the epiphany is supernatural, as the discovery seems to come suddenly from the outside.

No Epiphany:
Where none of the above happens.

Son of Heaven...
Hidden World Show Poster:
Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest heavens ''Dude, is that like a big 'F' in a circle?'';
from Gustave Doré's illustrations to the Divine Comedy.

Commodity Fetishism:

Test Pressing - No Epiphany - No Picture