Two Fakes

(Fake Dangerous Fumes & Baiting with Wrong Labels)

Same Vinyl - Two Records

After the first press of ''Baiting The Public'', (a release designed to frustrate and confuse), the band received another 250 copies of the record; these new ones had accidentally been pressed with the same labels as ''Epics in Minutes'' - the so-called 'Secret' 7''. 
''Fake Epics'' Vinyl - Looks a bit like the Secret 7".

As any nerd knows, different record pressings can be identified by the unique matrix code in the vinyl run-out, near the centre of the record. However the Baiting 'mispress' came with (almost) the same matrix text as the 'Secret' 7'' and the matrix was therefore a red herring.

Both records came in a generic white dust sleeve;  in their original form they look identical. This could prove confusing - a cynical person might think this version of 'Baiting' was pressed with the intent of extending the original prank;  not so much a mispress, more a fake version of the Secret 7".  

''Fake Epics'' Generic sleeve, conveniently annotated
It seems the band were aware of the trouble this might bring and so after they'd given away a bunch of ''Fake Epics'' (maybe at the same time as the Secret 7'' and maybe inadvertently mixing the two up a little), they helpfully attempted to avoid further confusion by taking a bunch more and gluing new labels on to make the ''Fake Dangerous Fumes''. 
''Fake Dangerous Fumes'' Left: Photocopy sleeve showing 'uncropped' image used for Dangerous Fumes - the container in the foreground was cropped out of the final version.  Right: Disk with Litany labels glued over Epics labels

The real ''Dangerous Fumes'' was not released at this point, so for a while it was a fake copy of something that didn't exist. Also, because it didn't exist, they didn't have Dangerous Fumes labels, so they used the ones from ''Litany'' instead. The vinyl has a big hole and the labels have a small one so they are a bit flimsy in the middle...

''Fake Dangerous Fumes'' Sleeve folded out


Tracks: Baiting The Public (Split over two sides)
''Released'': ''Fake Epics'' - 2003. ''Fake Dangerous Fumes'' - 2005
Label: ''Fake Epics'' has the same labels as ''Epics in Minutes''. ''Fake Dangerous Fumes'' has the same labels as the first press of ''Litany''

Pressing Info:
250 in total, divided into two 'bunches':
Bunch 1: ''Fake Epics in Minutes'' looked the same as ''Epics in Minutes'' and given away.
Bunch 2:  Made into''Fake Dangerous Fumes'' and sold on first West Coast Tour (2005)

No regular insert.

    Notes 1: Fake Epics

    From FU Board:

    How were the ‘baiting with epics labels’ put to use? Was there a kind of Situationist thing going on where hapless folk were tricked into thinking they’d got hold of the ‘secret’ 7″ when really they just had a baiting the public disk, which paradoxically the actual vinyl was rarer than both epics and the regular baiting?

    the epics baiting labels i think were a misprint because we got baiting and the secret 7″ pressed at the same time and some came back with misprinted labels so we gave a bunch of them away.

    Notes 2: Fake Dangerous Fumes

    From 'Couple Tracks' LP insert notes regarding ''Dangerous Fumes'' 7":
    This song has been kicking through the FU discography for a while. Nerds will note its first appearance as a fake 7" that we sold on our first west coast tour. It consisted of a ''Baiting The Public'' 7'' with ''Litany'' labels that we glued on, and a photocopied ''Dangerous Fumes'' Cover. 

    Sleeve Notes

    Dante's Inferno: Back image of Fake Dangerous Fumes is an extract of a picture showing Bertran de Born  ''who carries around his severed head like a lantern (a literal representation of allowing himself to detach his intelligence from himself)'' (1).
    The scene is from Bolgia Nine in the the Eighth Circle of Hell (Dante's Inferno). Significantly, the eighth circle is for those that commit FRAUD, also Bertran de Born is portrayed in the story as a sower of discord.

    vBig gap v

    Fake: Big gap between 'Red Herring' & 'Red'

    Not Fake: Small gap between 'Red Herring' & 'Red'.
     'RE1' opposite - see top right