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''Jingle Bells''

(Split with Sloan)

Sleeve - FU Side
Sleeve - Sloan Side
Vinyl - FU Side
Vinyl - Sloan Side


Tracks: Jingle Bells B/W Twelve Days of Xmas (Performed by Sloan)
Released: 2011
Label: Fucked Up records (Self Release) FU:011
Matrix A: FU:011-A    R-25260    PCNTR
Matrix B: FU:011-B     R-25261   PCNTR
Pressing Info: 500
Inserts: No regular insert
Variants: No (known) variants


Cropped from FU webstore:

So... Christmas. We missed it. We were only to get 50 of these in time for our xmas shows in Toronto on Dec 20 & 21, 2011. (Remainder sold via FU webstore)

All proceeds from the sale of this record go to the COUNTERfit Drug Users Memorial Project and the Barriere Lake Legal Defense Fund.

Flyer for Xmas show
Flyer for Xmas show after party

''David Christmas''

Worship the face of David for it's he that gives you life...

Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back
Self-released, with white labels
Wrapping Paper:
The records came in FU gift-wrapping paper and a bow, some had green ribbon...
..others had red, some were tied beautifully, like the green one, others were a bit manky, like this red one...


Tracks: David's Plan B/W Stars on 45
Released: 2007
Label: Fucked Up records (Self Release) FUC05
Matrix A: 11139-FUP-7 (A) R-207119
Matrix B: 11139-FUP-7 (B R-20750
Pressing Info: 1000
Inserts: No regular insert


  • Green ribbon
  • Red Ribbon
  • Three have Pearl Jam labels


David Christmas - LFG Post (Nov 23 2007)

On Saturday December 15th Fucked Up will host a special holiday event at Sonic Boom Records to benefit the Toronto Food Bank and George Herman House, a transitional housing program for women living with mental health issues.

The day will feature a special Fucked Up set featuring the song "David Christmas", the first single from the David Comes to Life LP, as well as Christmas covers, special guests and guest vocals from a very special holiday vocalist. At 3pm you can also come get your picture taken with "Santa". The show will take place downstairs and will be decorated in the style of the season.

Additionally, we will release the 7" version of "David Christmas" on December 15th, the a-side featuring the aforementioned title track, with a bside with holiday wishes from a few of our closest friends. These singles will cost $10 and will be designed and gift-wrapped by our friends at Punch Clock - they will be the perfect gift for you son and/or daughter. 100% of the money from these singles will be donated to George Herman House. The press will be 1000 copies - the copies that aren't sold at the show will be available for mail order - please await details. Studio time was graciously donated by our friend Chris Hegge from Audiolab Toronto, a great studio where we have recorded most of our 7" singles (402 Salem Avenue North. 416-516-5542)

Video filmed on the night:

David Christmas pt 2: The 7"- LFG Post (Nov 26 2007)

Hey New Update - there will be an after party show on the 15th now at ADRIFT and will feature TYVEK among others. Stay FUned.

A lot of people have been wondering if the David Christmas 7" is going to be strictly limited to the Dec 15 show - it isn't. We are still working out the details but the record will be available for online ordering around the time of the show. So don't worry if you are some asshole from Omaha that needs a copy of the 7" so you can sell it on eBay ("this record has never been played), you will be able to obtain one.

I would imagine that a lot of you are also confused regarding what exactly is on the b-side of this record.

'Man' Sleeve

Well, I can tell you that the song is called something like "Stars on 45". We had (have) this to say in an interview published on tommorow (today):

We got the idea to have some friends and luminaries do pieces on the bside of the record at 5pm last tuesday and went into the studio at 7. we were in a time rush because we'd originally planned to have David Eliade read a bit from "A Christmas Story", but Nick Fenstle ended up getting sick that day and needed to be taken to the hospital....anyhow in two hours we managed to get large pieces from all our friends rolodex's and starting making calls from the studio.

'Boy' Sleeve

The roster is such a weird melange of people- from close friends to a lot of people we'd never met, nor assumed even know who we are. Graciously even the latter agreed to help out the project, in the interests of the charity. As always, we tried calling Uffie numerous times but she wouldn't pick up...the most exciting was definetely Nelly Furtado, not only because of the star-power (which is more subtle in Canada), but because of the process - she just happened to be recording something next door and we literally just bumped into her in the hallway. We got our newest member Young Governor psyched up for about an hour before he worked up the courage to barge into the studio to ask her the favour. She was very polite and cool about it!

David Christmas 7" pt 3 - LFG Post (Dec 04 2007)
'Pigs' Sleeve

The David Christmas 7" is now up for pre-order HERE. Please go and grab it.

Vinyl Collective Forum Posts:
I'll be picking up a couple copies at the show. Does anyone know if the different covers have limited numbers?

I was at the show today, it was great. They had Chris Murphy from Sloan on stage to sign a few tracks. As for the 7', I picked up two, one for me and one for my buddy. They were gift wrapped really nicely, I undid the rapping on mine, I left it on for my friends. I got the cover with the boy in the suit crying. And there no limit to the amount one could buy. It was funny, Pink Eyes said "Hey everyone, buy three; one to keep wrapped, one to open, and one to sell on EBay. I don't care what you do with them, I say buy low, sell high"!

Yeah, the show was fucking great! I was only able to pick up two copies though, so I'm keeping one sealed and I've already opened and played the other one.

Well I know that there were 1000 of the 7" pressed, and I know that they sold out of the limited edition ones last night, I'm going to assume that there were 100 of those. And I'm going to assume that the different covers are for different things. Like the boy crying is probably the release show, and maybe they'll have one other cover for the shipment sent to the UK, and the third is probably for the retail stores that got them. Just a hunch though.

Got mine from insound today. Got the cover with the boy crying. Anyone get a different cover?Mine has the boy bowing his head. Didn't realize there were two with a boy 
Pretty sure that's the same one. He's bowing his head and crying.

got mine today, blank labels says 11/39 written around the label. no clue whats up with that. tedious time untaping the gift wrap.

I got mine from Insound today...Green bow and the usual insert. Cover with the 7" on black and blank labels. I'm excited it finally came!

HEY BY THE WAY (LFG Post Jan 08 2008):
A lot of David Xmas 7"'s are on ebay. Just for the record - if you are selling one of those, we think you are a DOUCHE. We had to spend more than 2 weeks wrapping those things and getting everything together so you assholes could click a button and flip them the next week. Fuck you!

From eBay ad:



David Christmas/ Stars On 45 (for real) 7" - Hidden World Records - 1000 all gift wrapped with red or green bows. 3 have Pearl Jam labels on one side due to a pressing error.



Pearl Jam Labels:
Allegedly, 3 copies of 'David Christmas' had Pearl Jam labels, due to a pressing error. (Pearl Jam had their 'Santa God' b/w 'Jingle Bells' Christmas single out the same year).
Pearl Jam - 'Santa God'
Pearl Jam have released a Christmas single each year since 1991.

 You could only find out if you'd got one of these, by removing and damaging the wrapping paper.
This looks like a stunt to mess with collectors and people buying the record to flip on eBay. Ceremony did something similar earlier in the year by sticking lottery tickets to the jackets of the record release press of 'Sacred People'.

The 'pressing error' may also have been inspired partly by the previous Generation / Muthafunkaz pressing error and they choose Pearl Jam to make it potentially believable, but as the post below makes clear, it was all another hoax.

GHH (LFG Post Mar 11 2008)

Hi some of you might remember that dumb "David Christmas" record we put out this Christmas. We finally got them all out and the money all back and were pleased to make a donation of$6000 to George Herman House this week. Thanks to everyone who bought one and helped out! Also by the way retards - NONE OF THEM HAVE LABELS AND THE COLOUR OF THE BOW DOESN'T MAKE IT MORE LIMITED.

Commodity Fetishism:

Oh dear

''David's Plan''

Another devious scheme to plan for my escape...

Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back
Vinyl  - 'A' Side
Vinyl  - 'B' Side


Tracks: David's Plan B/W Do They Know it's Christmas?
Released: 2010
Label: Fucked Up records (Self Release) FU:009
Pressing Info: 2500 Black vinyl, 'around 50' Green
Inserts: No regular insert

Black vinyl
Green 'camo' vinyl

Green Camo Vinyl:

From eBay: ''Hey, this is Josh aka Gulag from Fucked Up selling this record on behalf of the band. It is the "David's Plan" b/w "Do They Know It's Christmas?" 7" we released in February 2010. We pressed 2500 of these records, BUT THIS COPY IS ON CAMO GREEN COLOURED VINYL and there are only around 50 of these in existence. As far as I know a copy has never been sold before. You probably didn't even know this existed.''
All of the proceeds from this auction will go to the 3 groups based in Canada working to end the epidemic of missing and murdered aboriginal women that this record is a benefit for. 


Second single released specifically for charities (First was David's Christmas) -- this one towards helping missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada -- has an original on the A-side and a star studded cover of "Do They Know It's Christmas?" on the flip. Guest appearances by: Ezra Koenig, Bob Mould, David Cross, Tegan and Sara, GZA, Andrew WK, Kevin Drew, Kyp Malone, Yo La Tengo. Recording and production was facilitated entirely by our winnings at the Polaris Prize. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this record go to the group Missing Justice in Montreal and the Power of Women group in Vancouver.

LFG Post (Dec 14 2009)
Do They Know It's Christmas, our cover version was voted single of the week over at The Guardian, because our friend writes the column and there isn't actually any voting. Since we've been monitoring it's progress on iTunes, I can tell you for sure that if it was a vote, single of the week would be some Lady GaGa song, followed closely by like 10 Taylor Swift songs. Anyhow, maybe you could buy our song. It's for charity.

The answer to the matrix anagram is...