The Other Side

"Not long ago, if you wanted to seize political power in a country you had merely to control the army and the police. 

Paris - May 1968

Today it is only in the most backward countries that fascist generals, in carrying out a coup d'├ętat, still use tanks. If a country has reached a high degree of industrialization the whole scene changes. The day after the fall of Khrushchev, the editors of Pravda, Izvestiia, the heads of the radio and television were replaced; the army wasn't called out. Today a country belongs to the person who controls communications". 
Umberto Eco

Paris - January 2015:
Leaders, leading...

...huge crowds in unity rally



(symbols ™
Recent evidence has come to light, suggesting that TM, may have been  instrumental in David tuning into the oneness, turning on his conciousness and dropping out of the story. 

13.11.14 - David Comes To Life - Just spent 5 months avoiding finishing this one - that's not an intentional tribute to the 5yrs from conception to birth of the album, but more because it includes a self-indulgent 'interpretation' , plus more links with no direct connection to the band, other than finding them (while looking for the meaning of Life and how David might come to it) on Google and then having to watch / study them all. Well most of them anyway. 

For the time-being you'll have to look elsewhere if you want information on the quantum physics and chaos theory of DCTL. I don't know what those words mean, but will try to find out and perhaps make it the biggest blog post about a record ever, maybe grow it into an actual universe.

14.11.14 - YOT Dog is up there now too, it was mostly done before DCTL. I will probably get around to updating some of the other posts - some of the written stuff seems fine (to me) when first put down, but reads like annoying crap later, so I change some of those bits.

"Sun Glass"

Sacred young, feel the sun, vermillion. Avert your gaze, be afraid, can't look away.
Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back
Vinyl - 'A' Side
Insert - Front
Insert - Back


Tracks: Sun Glass B/W B.O.K.
Released: 2014
Label: Matador Records OLE 1072-7
Matrix A: OLE-1072-7 - A    GOLDEN
Matrix B: OLE-1072-7 - B    GOLDEN
Pressing Info: 2000? TBC
Inserts: Regular insert as pictured above
Variants: No variants


Lyric Sheet: Who knows what happened to this nicely illustrated sheet? It
dosen't seem to have made it as far as the actual record...

Nerd Note:
Rocks in the sky frozen in time.
Paper hearts to set alight.
Scissors cut the old flame from the fire.

Video Still: Who know's what the elaborate spooky shadows on the table
are about? They didn't make it to the final cut...

Nerd Note:
Instead of misinterpreting the cycles / youth / death imagery, lets just stick
to the fact that the concert footage is from Tank Crimes Brain Squeeze.

Alternative Artwork: Who knows what this was
used for? It was used for the promo CD.


I was so young when I disapeared. When I woke up I was here...
Sleeve - Front

Sleeve - Back

Insert - Front
Insert - Back
Second insert - Tribute to Will Munro (Single-sided)


Tracks: Blink B/W The Way We Did
Released: 2014
Label: Fucked Up records (Self release) FU: 012
Matrix A: FU012-A   R-29038
Matrix B: FU012-B   R-29039
Pressing Info: 500
Inserts: Regular inserts as pictured above
Variants: No variants


FU Website Post - June 05 2014:
You didn’t think we were just going to release a new full-length LP with an additional deluxe version that had an alternate drum pass and just leave it at that right? C’mon you know us better than that by now. We’re gonna have a few Glass Boys sessions 7″s coming out this summer. The first one you can pre-order today at our new merch store: Our store has 100 copies for sale and the rest will be available next week in Toronto at some things and on our tour in Europe in a couple weeks. And that’s probably it. 500 copies total. This is an FU self-release, FU:012 if you’re counting.

The record has “Blink” b/w “The Way We Did”, two songs we recorded during the Glass Boys sessions and maybe should’ve made the record because they are really good. The songs are about subcultures and growing up in the Toronto scene.

Sleeve Notes:

From same FU  post as above:
On the cover of the record is a picture of Will Munro, a notorious Toronto personality who left us way too soon. You can read about his outsized influence on Toronto culture in this book Army of Lovers by Sarah Liss. Included in the record is something that Mike wrote about Will on Looking For Gold that you can read here.

Will Munro

Insert image is central part of photo taken at Long Winter Show, by 'Take More Photos' 

Labels: Geometric pattern with central sun

The geometric patterns of Islamic art constitute an infinite pattern that extends beyond the visible material world.... the best art that can be created by man for use in the Mosque is art that displays the underlying order and unity of nature. The order and unity of the material world, is a mere ghostly approximation of the spiritual world, which is the place where the only true reality exists. (Modified from Wikipedia).

Mosque Wall

'We have invented happiness,' say the last men, and they blink. (Nietzsche)


Jacket - Front (Regular version) 
Jacket - Back (Regular version)

Jacket - Front (Limited Double LP version)
Jacket - Back (Limited Double LP Version)

Jacket - Image on inside of gatefold (Same for regular and limited versions)

(all versions have same label design)

Insert with lyric sheet on reverse

Insert / lyric sheet


Year: 2014

Matador Version:
Label: Matador Records OLE 1049-8
Matrix A: OLE-0149-1 A S-90624
Matrix B: OLE-0149-1 B S-90625
Matrix C: OLE-1049-8 A
Matrix D: OLE-1049-8 B

Arts & Crafts Version
Label: A&C092
Matrix A: 
Matrix B: 
Matrix C: 
Matrix D:

Inserts: Double-sided insert, as pictured above

Regular LP on Matador UK / Euro
Regular LP on Matador US
Regular LP on Arts & Crafts (Canada)
Limited Double LP on Matador UK / Euro
Limited Double LP on Matador US
Limited Double LP on Arts & Crafts (Canada)


''This new record'' (Post on FU Website - February 18, 2014):

We haven’t said much about the LP we started recording almost a year ago but we promise we’ll have some more for you soon. IN the meantime this is a pretty good read at Stereogum about where our heads are at.

Extracts From Stereogum Article Feb 18 2014:
(Damian)“I think Mike’s version of Fucked Up is clearly different than my version of Fucked Up,” says Abraham, talking about how Haliechuk’s original concept of the band was a mysterious all-pseudonym art-project thing. “I didn’t like Fucked Up being mysterious; I liked Fucked Up for being welcoming and very open and honest. Here I am: a fat guy who has a hairy back and is insecure as fuck and on anti-anxiety pills and smashing shit on my face. I’m loud, and I like to talk, and that’s who I am. That existed in direct conflict with what Mike’s version of Fucked Up was.”

But while Abraham and Haliechuk have always had different ideas about the band, the songs that the two bandmates are writing now share a certain theme. They fit together into a sort of adulthood tableau. “I wanted my side to be a concept record about the death of innocence in the music industry and my death in the music industry and of this band,” says Abraham. “As the record developed, I started to see what Mike was writing, and I think it’s more about maturing and trying to reconcile what you are as an adult compared to what you were as a young person.”

Extracts from COS interview March 18 2014:
In an interview with CoS, Haliechuk said the 10-track album is “a bit more chill and less OCD than the last record”, adding, “There’s not a million riffs, it’s way drummier, and just feels way looser all around.” Haliechuk explained that while it’s not another concept album, “every Fucked Up record does have some agenda”:
“This album is about growing up, and that second coming of age you have when you’re already an adult. It’s about being a grown-up and having a job and responsibilities and still feeling fragile and uncertain. It’s also about us being in a band for 12-13 years, and what started as this weird hobby has become almost like a job. We no longer get excited about the music, but we’re the ones making the music that hopefully young kids will hopefully find inspiration from. It’s a tip of the hat to these kids, telling them ‘We were those people, and one day you’ll be us.’ To me, it’s not a down record, but about embracing that life as a continuum.”
Vish Khanna Interview

''Glass Boys'' (Post on FU Website - March 6, 2014):
This is what we've been trying to tell you:

The Gulf of Time: The video above shows old footage of DA & MH performing to a frenzied crowd of moshing kids. By contrast the soundtrack sets a reflective mood, opening with piano and featuring Chris Colohan, who played drums in the original Fucked Up line-up back in 2001.
Previous Generations: The cause of the madness is revealed; the original recording is ''Generation'' being performed back in 2006; Mike is left temporarily unable to play when his guitar strap parts company during the stage invasion. 
The old days, when... 

...Fucked Up was Pink Eyes, 10,000 Marbles, Gulag, 
Young Governor, Mustard Gas & Mr Jo...

But now:

Promotional Posters: 
The statue ones each have a lyric from the LP included in the text
The Rampin Horseman
Rampin Horseman again

Belvedere Torso
The Dying Gaul
"The Philosopher, from the 'Of  Death, Part Two' series" 1898 - By Max Klinger
"Boy blowing on an ember to light a candle" 1570-72 - Painting By El Greco.
Twitter Pic:

Commodity Fetishism 

Mr Jonah Falco & Glass Boy Test Pressings

''Generation'' (12")

Belief system fails, leaves behind a spiritual void...
Regular Sleeve - Front

Regular Sleeve - Back

Vinyl - Side 'A'
Vinyl - Side 'B'
'Glossy' Insert: Came with regular sleeve and some (most?) of the DJ sleeves.
Single-sided (reverse is blank). Gig image with lyrics on LHS.



Tracks: Generation B/W Ban Violins / Magic Kingdom
Year: 2005
Label: Slasher Records
Matrix A MURDER 1203-A RE2 45RPM
Matrix B MURDER 1203-A 45RPM

Pressing Info: (Figures kindly confirmed by Slasher Records)
1st Press 1400 Aug 2005 (3 sets of 9 test presses, the first two rejected)
Of these:
DJ sleeves - less than 300
DJ Muthafunkaz label - 6 or 7 (see notes below)
'13/100' (Show copy) - 'A hand full'

Two variants - Glossy 'gig picture' (see above) & Photocopy 'Statue' (see below)
DJ Sleeve - First 50 or so had photocopy insert, other 250 had both photocopy and glossy insert.
Regular Sleeve - Glossy insert

Regular sleeve
DJ Sleeve
'MuthaFunkaz' Label
'13/100 message' (Show copy)


From Email Correspondence:

DJ Sleeve: I'm not 100% sure how many of these there are but we originally made them to sell at a fest we where travelling to and the real covers where not ready in time so these where made. The first 50 or so just came with the paper insert w/ the statue and lyrics then after the fest the insert with the live photo was also included.

DJ Spen & the MutaFunkaz Labels: We found about 6-7 of the Generation 12" records with the wrong B side labels. This was a pressing plant error. We where packing the original run w/ DJ sleeves the night before we left for the fest and I noticed these.

13/100 Message: There are definitely not 100 of these. From my recollection Matt from Slasher records was selling these at a show and was just writing stuff on a handful of the sleeves. All where numbered #13/100. I'm not sure if all the messages where the same.

Notes from email correspondence with Matt Bickle (Slasher Records):

  • Pressed in batches of 500?, then 800? then 100. Last 100 have off-white (creamy) labels (due to fading?) and were pressed to fill 100 remaining regular jackets.
  • The DJ sleeve was done partly because the regular sleeves were not ready and some funds were needed to recoup some of the pressing costs
  • Some Slasher Club members received a copy of the vinyl plus both sleeves and inserts.
  • The Muthafunkaz labels occurred randomly through the first 2 or 3 boxes that came from the pressing plant. A couple were sold at the Posi Numbers Festival and a couple given away. It had been assumed that more would turn up... they didn't and unfortunately there weren't enough for all the band members. Awkward situation.

DJ Sleeve - Front: (Photocopy insert peeping through hole) - These mostly have a sticker on the top RHS s shown above. A few have the sticker loose, or positioned elsewhere.

DJ Sleeve - Back
Photocopy Insert - Front: Came with DJ sleeve. Lyric sheet, with sword and eagle.
Same as 7" insert, but larger and  'negative' - i.e. the 7'' version has black text and images on a white background.
Photocopy Insert - Back: Statue image.
Same as 7" but larger and (probably) only this image was used, whereas the 7" version had various images.

Commodity Fetishism: 

MuthaFunkaz Label - 'A' Side: The MF label mispress came in DJ Sleeves. The 'A' side was the same as the regular copies.

MuthaFunkaz Label - 'A' Side: The 'B' side was mispressed with the wrong labels.
Muthafunkaz Label
''Holy Ghost'' was pressed the same year as ''Generation'' - Discogs Link

''13/100 Message'' The messages where written by Matt Bickle (Slasher Records). Signed by Beav, vocalist of Toronto Band Urban Blight, and Violent Future + other Toronto Bands. friend of FU who stood in as FU vocalist for first Euro Tour. Also HERE. Urban Blight also gigged with FU and Beav drove them around and roadied on a North American tour.

Rejected Test Press