''Year Of The Dragon''

See where we came, came to this place, the place that has become our reality... 
Sleeve - Front

Sleeve - Back

Vinyl - 'A' Side:
First press on white vinyl

Vinyl - 'B' Side:
First Press on white vinyl

Insert - Front:
Dragon image by Andrei Bouzikov

Insert - Back:
Lyrics & credits

Flexi disk:
Left: The 7" flexi comes with the white vinyl version and has an edited version of Year of The Dragon.
Right top: Records bought direct from Tank Crimes often include some nice bonus stickers.
Right bottom: Sticker from celophane cover; no need to keep these if you don't have some kind of OCD


Tracks: Year Of The Dragon B/W I wanna be a Yank / Disorder
Year: 2014
Label: Tankcrimes
Matrix A 117554E1/A YEAR OF THE DRAGON

Pressing Info: 
First Press: 2000 White vinyl
Second Press: 1000 Black vinyl
Test Pressings: 20  (The TP's include a test pressing of the 7"; these are on white flexi but have no foil stamp)

Lyric sheet as above

White vinyl + 7" flexi
Black vinyl

Black Vinyl - Second Press - 'A' Side

Black Vinyl - Second Press - 'B' Side


Year of The Dragon: 

Influenced by Ride the Lightning and Humanity is the Devil. 
Dragons are not real. 
(From credits on insert)

Chris Cory of MIND ERASER made this shortened edit of the 19-minute long Year of The Dragon that we released this year (2014) on Tankcrimes records run by our friend Scotty Karate of Oakland. This is an edit of that edit. It appeared on a flexi (our first flexi) included in the first pressingsof the YOTD 12". Fun Fact: Scotty booked our first west coast tour back in 2004 and we have been promising him a record since then. YOTD reflects that it sometimes takes 10 years to make good on a promise. 
(Above text taken from liner notes in Mixtape 5) Nerd fact: The Looking for Gold 12" and the fake Dangerous Fumes 7" were sold on the same west coast tour.

Year of the Dragon on Tankcrimes, April 2014 (Post on FU Website - Oct 1, 2013): Hey all, we’re very happy to say that our friend of many years – Scotty Karate of Tankcrimes – will be putting out Year of the Dragon next April. He booked our first west coast tour. We’ve stayed at his house probably 50 times. He is like a lover who understands us deeply. Dragon is 7/12 in the zodiac series. Hare is #6 and is recorded and coming out sometime in 2014 too.
Year of The Dog
(Tankcrimes Bed where FU stayed probably 50 times)

'B' Side:

The 'B' side features two covers of early Toronto punk bands; "I Wanna Be a Yank" by Cardboard Brains and "Disorder" by The Ugly's.

PG Banter (Post on FU Website - March 6, 2014): A few weeks ago we rolled out of bed on a Saturday morning and into the Horseshoe Tavern. We set up in the empty club, and played four songs from the hallowed history of Toronto punk, as written by The Last Pogo back in 1978. With the exception of “Picture My Face,” which at this point has been fully canonized into the Canadian Punk songbook, the songs we chose are from only slightly more shadowy corners of Toronto’s birthing punk scene. You also get a minute of quality PG banter about the Last Pogo from myself and Pink Eyes
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Commodity Fetishism

Test pressing pics: Courtesy of Scotty at Tankcrimes

12" Test Pressing - 'A' Side
12" Test Pressing - 'B' Side & 7" Flexi Test Pressing

Desk of The Year
(Tankcrimes Office)

Year of  The Deep Dream