"Paper The House"

Old man, life spent. Carving a legacy never making a dent...
Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back

Vinyl - 'A' side
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Tracks: Paper The House B/W Galloping
Released: 2014
Label: Matador Records OLE 1071-7
Matrix A: OLE-1071-7 - A    GOLDEN
Matrix B: OLE-1071-7 - B    GOLDEN
Pressing Info: 2000? TBC
Inserts: Regular insert as pictured above
Variants: No variants

From FU Merch Table
The a-side here is this one off of Glass Boys:

the b-side is an unreleased song from the Glass Boys sessions, although part of the music from this song was used in this, a little promo vid we did for the record:

(Lyric) ...the Great Divide, The Gulf of Time. A vanguard turns rear flank. Over time the wounds they make just run dry. And as the bleeding stops, so do I.

Nerd Points:
  • "Paper The House" video has the 'A' side track dubbed over footage from the Long Winter show, also pictured on the back of the insert.
  • The Glass Boys promo features vocals by Chris Colohan, a man whose extensive punk CV includes being the original drummer for Fucked Up. The video footage is from this video of  "Generation" from 2006.

Sleeve Notes:

The Dying Gaul: This statue is believed to be a second-century AD Roman copy of a third-century BC Hellenistic bronze commemorating the victory of the Greeks over migrating Celtic tribes.

Polybius wrote an evocative account of Galatian tactics against a Roman army at the Battle of Telamon of 225 BC: "The Insubres and the Boii wore trousers and light cloaks, but the Gaesatae, in their love of glory and defiant spirit, had thrown off their garments and taken up their position in front of the whole army naked and wearing nothing but their arms... The appearance of these naked warriors was a terrifying spectacle, for they were all men of splendid physique and in the prime of life."

The Dying Gaul became one of the most celebrated works to have survived from antiquity and was engraved and endlessly copied by artists, for whom it was a classic model for depiction of strong emotion, and by sculptors. 

Insert Girl: Flower-haired lefty, previously appeared artwork for other musicians and Lithuanian menus.