''Here Lies Are''

(Split with Serena Maneesh)

Once you saw the ripe fruit / Now all you see are the flies... 

Sleeve - FU Side:
Photograph taken by Sandy Miranda
Sleeve - Serena Maneesh Side
Vinyl - FU Side
Vinyl - Serena Maneesh Side

Tracks: Here Lies Are / Opium Priest (Performed by Serena Maneesh)
Released: 2010
Label: Best of Both Records: BOBR1003
Pressing Info: 1000 *See insert note

'Norwegian / Euro Version':
Matrix A: 108922 A1 KM
Matrix B: 108922 KM B1

'Canadian / North America Version'
Matrix A: AR-16928-A
Matrix B: AR-16928-B

Norwegian version: 2 inserts - a hand-numbered picture-card and an A4 photocopied lyric sheet
Canadian version:  1 large insert on glossy paper, combining the info / text of the above.

*The insert in the Norwegian version is numbered out of 1000; it's unclear if there were 1000 of each version or if there were 500 of each and the Norwegian inserts were intended to be numbered only as far 500/1000.

Norwegian Version
Canadian Version

Sleeve Variants:
Left: Norwegian sleeve is slightly smaller and the print is less sharp
Right: Canadian sleeve
Inserts  - Norwegian Version:
Top: Photocopied A4 sheet with lyrics and credits (single sided)
Bottom: Small card with toddler image
Inserts  - Norwegian Version:
Top: As above (reverse of sheet is blank)
Bottom: The picture cards are numbered on the reverse out of 1000

Insert - Canadian Version (front):
Glossy paper with same image as Norwegian card
Insert - Canadian Version (back):
Lyrics / credits - the original version is not much easier to read...


Best of Both Records:
This label appears to be no longer operational; the following is taken from their FB Page:
Best Of Both Records releases limited runs of split singles on quality vinyl 
Mission: To create a crossover between Toronto and Oslo music scenes, establishing a trans-continental link between the two communities providing larger exposure, creating a larger market, and developing diversity of alternative music in both cities. Essentially, to create links between artists and fans in both cities through any effective means available (booking, distributing records, podcasting, sharing of resources, guest bedrooms etc.). 
Company Overview: We are an independent record company based in Toronto (Canada)/ Oslo (Norway) that releases split 7" records showcasing some of the best artists from both cities. We print small to medium run limited edition vinyl with regional distribution to independent records stores offering artists locally based promotion and a more focused and personal type of international promotion.

Mixtape 4 Inlay Notes:
1) “Here Lies Are” From the split 12” with Sareena Maneesh
Here's another tasty little nugget. This was recorded forever-ago, but it still feels like a new song. Looking back at liner notes is a real time warp. This was done in November 2009, about a year after ChemCom came out, during the sessions that produced “Year of the Ox” and the Davids Plan 7”, amongst other things. A real check-off session, where after leaving songs and ideas simmer for a bit too long, you rush in and record everything at once before you have to leave again. In this case, we were cramming to get the 7” out before Christmas, since it was a holiday benefit record, and this 12” released in time to meet us for a tour in Europe. We're perpetually late on the Zodiac 12”s, so there was no real time-crime happening there, because we dust-binned the cycle a long time ago. This song was written in about 5 minutes. Every once in a while the practising and writing is at such a fever pitch that it overtakes you completely, and the only relief from writing is to also write, but of something of lesser value. Our respite from the gruelling work of doing Year of the Ox was to just bust out a really fast song and throw it on a single with a band we'd never met (but who are cool). I actually did end up meeting one of the dudes in this band, at a Carl Craig show in NY for some reason, at 4am. He was wearing a sailor hat.

From the first moment I met you / I feared this day would come / When I went from your only / To the person that you shunned / Familiarity breeds contempt, and over time / No one is heaven sent / I was never heaven sent / We sit across the table / Exchanging silent stares / Now that the affair is over / There's no need to put on airs / Familiarity breeds contempt, and over time / No one is heaven sent / I never claimed to be heaven sent  / You're the one that was heaven sent / I'm not heaven sent / Once you saw the ripe fruit / Now all you see are the flies / Where once you heard the truth / Now all you hear are lies / The pendulum has swung / And we watched it as we went / As we brace for the backlash / I'm not the one who changed.

Sleeve Notes:
'Inside of fig': In ancient times the fig was a euphemism for female genitalia. Does the fig have any bearing on the lyrical themes, other than simply being 'ripe fruit'? At this stage in the discography, it's fair to wonder if the lyrics are a straight-forward 'end of relationship' type song, or is it some biblical / Jesus / original sin / loss of faith metaphor? Probably the former...

But what has the toddler on a lead / bomb-fin bollard thing got to do with anything?

Commodity Fetishism

Test Pressing - Canadian Version
Originally bought in the now defunct 'Hits & Misses' Store RIP