''No Pasaran''

A Stateless Society
Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back
Vinyl - A & B sides. Some have pure white labels, others have cream-coloured labels. One of each is shown here. 
Poster / Insert - Front
Poster / Insert - Reverse: Republican Posters and Photos + Lyrics

Three Insert Variants:

Above: Big & Small on glossy paper
Above: Big and small glossy again - the small one is single-sided
Xerox insert

Flyers: Some copies have a small flyer advertising Deranged Records Releases - two examples are shown above, the bottom one has the label-owners 'want list'.


Tracks: No Pasaran B/W Circling The Drain
Released: 2002
Label: Deranged Records D-030

Pressing Info:
First Press of 900 or maybe 1100 (Out of press)
Approx 50 with colour photocopied sleeves
Approx 20 with large spindle hole
7 Test Presses.

Three different inserts. 1.Gloss, double sided poster ('Regular' insert). 2.Xerox, double sided poster (same as gloss) 3. Small single sided Xerox paper. (1)
Some also have Deranged Records flyer advertising contemporary releases (various designs)
    Regular sleeve
    Xerox sleeve
    Large spindle hole

    Xerox Sleeve (RHS): Image is cropped a little differently and is more xeroxy. Also the "B/W" text band in the top right corner of the xerox version is all white, rather than white with black patches.

    Notes 1: No Pasaran

    ''The clip is from the movie Land and Freedom, the 2nd best movie about the Spanish Civil War, and is supposed to be a really stirring intro to the song about the same topic. We've played this song less than 10 times ever, the last being in Barcelona, where we thought it would be appropriate, but was actually just kind of tacky....we generally have weird feelings about this track now.'' (2)

    No Pasaran Documentary:

    No Pasaran / They Shall Not Pass from Yoav Segal on Vimeo.

    (Spoiler: Franco prevailed and replaced the democratically elected government with dictatorship, began executing his opponents and carried on doing so until his death in 1975, by which point Spain's economy had integrated into the western capitalist framework).

    Francoist Spain (Cropped from Wikipedia)Francoist Spain, also historically known as Nationalist Spain during the Spanish Civil War, refers to the period of Spanish history between 1936 and 1975 when the authoritarian dictatorship of Francisco Franco took control of Spain from the government of the Second Spanish Republic in the Spanish Civil War.
    The coup had the support of most factions sympathetic to the right-wing cause in Spain including the majority of Spain's Catholic clergy, the fascist-inclined Falange, and the Alfonsine and Carlist monarchists. The coup escalated into a civil war lasting for three years once Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany agreed to support Franco starting with airlifting of the africanistas onto the mainland. Other supporters included Portugal under Antonio Salazar, while the presentation of the Civil War as a "crusade" or renewed reconquista…

    The Francoists took control of Spain through a comprehensive and methodical war of attrition which involved the imprisonment and executions of Spaniards found guilty of supporting the values promoted (at least in theory) by the Republic - regional autonomy, liberal or social democracy, free elections and women's rights. The rightists considered these "enemy elements" to comprise an "anti-Spain" that was the product of a "Judeo-Masonic" conspiracy, along with Bolsheviks, which had evolved after the reconquista of Spain from the Islamic Moors, a reconquista that had been declared formally over with the Alhambra decree of 1492 expelling the Jews from Spain.

    For nearly twenty years after the war Francoist Spain presented the conflict as a crusade against Bolshevism in defence of Christian civilization. In Francoist narrative, authoritarianism had defeated anarchy and overseen the elimination of "agitators", those without God and the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy… This discourse obscured the social roots of the war and analysis of its origins. Many Spanish children grew up believing the war was fought against foreigners; the painter Julian Grau Santos has said "it was instilled in me and I always believed that Spain had won the war against foreign enemies of our historic greatness. (3)

    Notes 2: Circling The Drain

    From 2001 Interview:
    What is your favourite song from a lyrical standpoint and why?
    Mike: Mine is ''Circling The Drain'', which is a theme that developed from the summer I had. I just had the worst summer ever and whatever could go wrong did go wrong and things kept getting worse. (4)

    From March 2010:
    This song stood out for us because it was not fast. That's pretty much it. Also we still play this song almost 10 years later. (5)

    Sleeve Notes:

    Front Cover: Original photo-montage by John Heartfield.

    John Heartfield (born Helmut Herzfeld; 19 June 1891 – 26 April 1968) was a pioneer in the use of
    art as a political weapon.

    While living in Berlin, in 1917, he anglicized his name from "Helmut Herzfeld" to "John Heartfield," an English name to protest against the anti-British fervor sweeping Germany. In 1916, crowds in the street were shouting, "Gott strafe England!" ("May God punish England!"). (3)

    "No pasarĂ¡n. Pasaremos." (They shall not pass. We will pass) Two Nationalist vultures (i.e. condors), one with a swastika and the other with the Falangist symbol look out over Madrid. Republican bayonets point at them from below.

    Heartfield's photo-montages satirising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis often subverted Nazi symbols such as the swastika, in order to undermine their propaganda message. (3)
    ''The Cross Was Not Heavy Enough''. Positive Christianity. Nothing to do with the ''No Pasaran'' 7", but included because it might be topical...

    More Heartfield images HERE.

    No Pasaran's reproduction of Heartfield in monochrome is also a nod to seminal UK band Discharge

    ''After the total disaster known as the first Fucked Up 7" which was a black and white mess, Mike has really improved his layout skills''
    (Damian speaking in interview with NOT A GAME Fanzine)

    Commodity Fetishism:

    Approx 20 were 'accidentally' made with large spindle holes.
    Test Press - blank labels + xerox sleeve
    Test Press - hand-written (misspelt) labels

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