''Since U Been Gone''


...and then out of the blue, this skeleton image appears on FU's instagram. So it looks like the above picture shows the front of the sleeve and the ones below show the back. Or vice versa. Probably.

2006- Since You've Been Gone 10" acetate - bootleg
From 'Partial Discography' (Published 2008):

Some 12" FU records and a 10'' FU record:
There are 2 known (to the person writing this) FU 10"s; the Altamont 10" was released after this picture was taken.
Close-up of the 10" record:
Appears to be hand-numbered 1/25

FU Since u Been Gone 78rpm #
The image shows Damian in a stripey top

Tracks: Since U Been Gone (cover of song originally by Kelly Clarkson)
Year: 2006
Label: (Probably) not on label
Matrix A:
Matrix B:
Pressing Info: According to rumours in 2013, there are 2 acetate copies. Apparently there used to be 3, but one got lost...


From LFG Comments on post (April 11 2011):

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ayo, so does the Since U Been Gone 10" actually exist? I got word that Damian had the acetate and that it was never pressed.
11:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Check out the 10" in the lowest row way to the right... looks like the real deal to me ...

6:21 AM

Blogger HiddenWorld said...

it exists. there are 3.

Acetate (master disk) - Text copied from from Misfits Central:
The first step in the record pressing process is the creation of the master disk, or acetate, which is cut directly from the master tape of the recording. An acetate is a piece of aluminum coated with a layer of vinyl, into which grooves are cut, like a record. Unlike records, however, acetates are usually (see below) one sided, and come in pairs, one for each side of the album. They also often have two center holes; one hole is the standard center hole which acts as the axis for rotation, and the other hole is used by the guiding arm to turn the acetate while the writing stylus cuts the grooves. Some plants now use single-holed acetates which are held in place by suction.
One or, at most, two acetate sets are typically made for an album. Due to their composition, acetates begin to lose their sound quality within a matter of days. If an acetate is not used within three days, another set needs to be cut, or the sound quality of the finished product will suffer. For this reason, the acetate pair is sent immediately (via express mail) to the plater.

''Mixtape 1'':
18) "Since U Been Gone" - snippet

Official Video #1:

Official Video #2:

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