(Recorded live at WFMU)

Altamont Catalogue - Fall 2010 - Front Cover
Altamont Catalogue - Fall 2010 - Back Cover:
'Portrait of Jnr Abraham' with additional Pink Eye artwork
Altamont Catalogue - Back cover opened:
This shows the integral pocket for the record + 'Father and son' portrait, with additional Pink Eye artwork.
On the left are some of the products in the catalogue...

Altamont Catalogue:
As above, but with record removed from pocket


Tracks: Intro/Fate Of Fates B/W Invisible Leader
Released: 2010
Label: Altamont
Matrix A: 8948 - ALTAMONT - 10 (A) 5-70626 N
Matrix B: 8948 - ALTAMONT - 10 (B) 5-70626 N
Pressing Info: 200ish?
Inserts: No Inserts
Variants: No variants


Tracks recorded live at WFMU July 21 2007. Originally aired on the Terre T Cherry Blossom Clinic. (Click on that link, to listen to the tracks)...

Sleeve (& shirt) Notes:
Sponsored by Altamont 

Altamont Promotional info (Sept 8 2010):
For the Altamont Fall 2010 collection, Fucked Up contributed to the creation of the cover and vinyl 10" record for the Fall 2010 Altamont catalog, as well as two t-shirt designs. Here to explain the graphics in the Fucked Up for Altamont collaboration series is none other than Fucked Up frontman, Damian "Pink Eye" Abraham, himself:

Image borrowed from High Snobiety
"The idea for the Fucked Up hippie shirt, F'd Up Logo, was rooted in wanting to do something along the lines of the head shop Grateful Dead shirts. Around the age of 12, I went through a brief phase of taking acid, smoking weed and wearing a "steal your face" tie dye shirt. By the time I hit 14, I had taken a black sharpie and written "SUCKS" in huge letters across the front of said shirt and declared myself a punk, disavowing my brief "hippie" phase. With an enthusiasm that can only come from the recently converted, I professed my deep seated hatred of hippies to anyone that would listen as I thought that is what a good punk rocker should. However, after a few years passed, I learned more about the roots of punk and I began to soften my opinions. The importance of bands like MC5, Pink Fairies, The Fugs, Pink Floyd and countless others in forming what was to become called punk rock cannot be understated. This shirt is a tribute to all that is cool that came out of the hippies: Altamont, Weathermen, Manson, the great bands, drug culture, rock posters, underground comix, etc.

Image borrowed from High Snobiety
"The inspiration for the other shirt, F'd Up, came from the SST punk vs. raver t-shirt. When I was just getting interested in punk, my friends and I would pour over the cool shirts for punk bands/labels found in them Session's mailorder catalog. One of the shirts that I always wanted to order was a shirt with a drawing of a punk punching a raver in the face aka Punk vs. Raver shirt. Although I never did order the shirt the image of it has remained burned in my memory to this day. Unlike hippies, I still have never seen anything redeeming in rave culture. The same week Altamont asked us to do this I noticed a "Facebook" group for kids from Toronto that used to go to raves and it really bummed me out. So I asked Brian Walsby if he would be into doing his interpretation of the shirt on our behalf for Altamont. It turned out he had never seen the shirt so I gave him the gist of it and this is the result.

"Brian, in my opinion, is one of the best, most underrated illustrators to come out of punk. Though his art was used by everyone from 7 Seconds to The Melvins, he has somehow fallen into obscurity. He is also an amazing drummer having played in the pre-Ten Foot Pole band and 'Nardcore legends, Scared Straight, the pre-Superchunk band, Wax, Ryan Adams' pre-Whiskeytown band, The Patty Duke Syndrome and most recently winding up in one of the best current Hardcore bands, Double Negative.