Compilations Featuring Fucked Up

(Illustrated List)
This is a list of all the compilations featuring Fucked Up that I know of. A few of them will get their own separate page.

The tracks highlighted in red were mostly unique to the particular recording - youtube links to some of these are included.

Toronto City Omnibus
Format: 12" Vinyl
Year: 2003
FU Tracks: "Generation" / "Last Man Standing" (Later appeared on "Epics in Minutes" CD)
Label: Schizophrenic Schiz 018

Notes: Made by record lovers for record lovers.

Variants: Three vinyl colour variants (Black, Clear & Green)

Town of Hardcore 
Format: 7" Vinyl
Year: 2003
FU Track: "88"
Label: Town of Hardcore

Notes:  Came with issue 6 of TOH fanzine.

Variants: 500 pressed of which 200 had stamp on inside of fold out cover.

Generations: A Hardcore Compilation 
Format: CD & 12" Vinyl
Year: 2005
FU Track: "Dropout"
Label: Revelation Records Revelation 130

Notes: Sleeve and insert with lots of B&W pictures of hardcore dudes. Bought one copy, but can live without the variants...

Variants: CD plus three vinyl variants:
Test press: 42 black Vinyl
1st press: 550 red vinyl
1st press: 550 blue vinyl

Pink Eye Club Chi-Town Get Down
Format: CDR
Year: 2005
FU Tracks: "Search For The Words" (From "Secret" 7") "Dance Of Death" (Original Rough Mix)
Label: Not on label

Notes: Numbered edition of 50 made for the Pink Eye solo band tour.

Variants: Individually hand numbered

Killed by Canada
Format: CD
Year: 2006
FU Track: "Try A Little Togetherness" (Cover of song by the soul band 'The Younghearts')
Label: Fans Of Bad Productions  FOBP15

Notes: Punk / hardcore comp on Canadian label

Vice CD/DVD #5 Presented By
Format: CD/DVD
Year: 2006
FU Track: "Baiting The Public" (From "Hidden World" LP)
Label: Vice Records

Hassle: Volume One
Format: CD
Year: 2007
FU Track: "David Comes To Life" (From "Hidden World" LP)
Label: Hassle Records HODD033CD N/A

Notes: Punk / hardcore compiled by Radio 1 DJ Daniel P Carter

Rough Trade Shops - Counter Culture 07
Format: CD
Year: 2008
FU Track: "Year Of The Pig" (Edit)
Label: Counter Culture Records CC 07

Notes: The sixth annual Rough Trade compilation. Compiled by the RT staff.

All Areas Volume 97
Format: CD
Year: 2008
FU Track: "Twice Born"  (From "Chemistry of Common Life" LP)
Label: Visions Magazine  CA ALLAREASVOL97

Notes: German Visions Magazine #188 (11/2008). Release comes in a cardboard sleeve.

Live At The Devil's Triangle Vol 11
Format: CD
Year: 2008
FU Track: "Baiting The Public"  (Recorded Live in The Pit at KFJC, Los Altos Hills, CA.)
Label: KFJC

Notes: The CD was a donation premium sent out to contributors to KFJC 89.7 FM, Los Altos Hills, CA in 2008

Killed By Trash 2
Format: 12" Vinyl
Year: 2008
FU Track: "Job" (Cover of Nubs Song)
Label: P. Trash Records Full Trash 20 

Variants: Test Pressing plus three sleeve variants
775 with regular sleeve (this).
125 with 2 colors (black/red) silk-screened sleeve, printed on thick white paper.
100 "Band Only Edition" with 2 colors (black/gold) silk-screened sleeve, printed on thick grey paper

Format: CD Promo
Year: 2009
FU Track: "The Peaceable Kingdom" (From "Chemistry of Common Life" Vinyl LP)
Label: Ontario Media Development Corporation

Notes: This track appears on the vinyl version of the Chemcom LP, but not on the CD

Matador At 21
Format: CD & 12" Vinyl
Year: 2010
FU Track: "Son The Father" (From "Chemistry of Common Life" LP)
Label: Matador OLE 1000-1

Notes: 21st anniversary of Matador 'The release has been assigned the catalog number OLE-1000, which is pushing it a little bit because we’re really only up to OLE-949... A budget-priced double vinyl set reproduces the contents of Disc 5, ‘Matador Today,’... All proceeds from the set will go to benefit three charities

Variants: Double LP & Ltd 6 CD box set

Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute To Swingin' Utters
Format: CD
Year: 2010
FU Track: "Lazer Attack" (Cover of Swingin' Utters song)
Label: Red Scare CCCP 135-2

Notes: Various punk bands cover Swingin' Utters.

Mixed Combat Vol.1 2010 Recorded Live! On KBOO 90.7 FM PDX
Format: Cassette
Year: 2010
FU Track: "Baiting The Public" (Live)
Label: Life During Wartime  

Notes: Compilation of bands recorded playing live on 'Life During Wartime' radio show (Portland Or).

Punkdistro-Y A Promotional Bombination In 28 Blasts!
Format: CD Promo
Year: 2011
FU Track: "Fixed Race" (From "Dangerous Fumes" 7")
Label:  Farewell Records FWR #38 La Familia Releases


Intended Play (Matador & True Panther 2011-2012)
Format: 12" Vinyl
Year: 2012
FU Track: "Into The Light " (From "Byrdesale Garden City" 7")
Label:  Matador ‎– OLE-981-1, True Panther Sounds

Notes: This (insanely) budget-priced vinyl sampler showcases new tracks and now-classics from Matador/True Panther circa 2011-2012...

Rated G.G.
Format: 7" Vinyl
Year: 2012
FU Track: "Clap Clap Clap" (G Rated cover of GG Allin )
Label:  WFMU

Notes: WFMU Gift given as incentive to donors.

Variants: Regular black vinyl and ltd transparent brown vinyl