Toronto City Omnibus

Sleeve - Front

Sleeve - Back
Vinyl - 'A' Side
Vinyl - 'B' Side
Clear Vinyl Variant
Green Vinyl Variant
Green Transition / Marbled.

See enlarged pictures further down

Schizophrenic Flyers:
These vary according to when the record was originally bought 

Release show poster:
Included as an insert in some records...


Side A: 
Class Assassins - Uprise
Haymaker - Let God Sort Them Out / Could You Be So Stupid / They Breed So Fast / Misery For A Living / Commodity 182 / Reagan Youth
Legion 666 - Free Speech / Perils Of Freedom / Dear Cops
Scare Tactic - Bullets For Breakfast / Gun Control / Sick Of Fun
Murder Squad T.O. - Newly Dead / How Can There Be Christmas If There Is No Peace

Side B:  
Career Suicide - Dicta Flag / Career Suicide / Shut Up / Metal Threat / Doom Ryder / Spleengenerate / That Other Song / Todd Killings / Left Over Bonus CRAP
The Blue Demons - Atomos Cajones / Hot And Heavy
Riot 99 - Decade On The Dole / Destroy The City

Fucked Up - Generation / Last Man Standing

Released: 2003
Label: Schizophrenic Records SCHIZ 018
Matrix A: TOHC 1 - A
Matrix B: TOHC 1 - B

Pressing Info: (Thanks to Craig at Schizophrenic Records)
Approx 10 Test Pressings

1000 Total Pressing
862 Black Vinyl
100 Clear Vinyl
38 Green Vinyl (Some have black marbling)

Inserts: Booklet and various Schizophrenic flyers

Three vinyl colour variants as above


Craig at Schizophrenic Records, describes the making of the record on the front page of the booklet that comes with the record:

The other pages form the booklet are below, these are basically an 'insert' page for each band, plus a centre-spread of gig flyers:

The following two images, show the centre-spread - gig flyers  laid over a city street map:

Commodity Fetishism

Test Pressing Sleeve - Toronto Map