(Mercury Girls)

Jonah drums, produces and helps with song-writing in post-punk quartet Pavillion. They were formerly called Mercury Girls, but changed the name shortly after the release of the demo to avoid confusion with a band of the same name from Philadelphia.

Check their music out on bandcamp, details of their physical releases are below.

"Demo / Mercury Girls Demo" (Cassette)

First Press - Smoky silver cassette
Second Press - Matte black cassette

Artwork on inside of inlay


Tracks: In Your Hands, Beautiful Sight, Pale Shades of Green, Binds
Released: April 2015
Label: Not on label (self released)
Pressing Info:
1st press - smoky silver tapes with a clear leader, 75-100 made
2nd press - matte black tapes with a red leader, 200 made
Other Variants: Inlays are either ivory or a pale green colour, later copies have the new band name on the spine.

Inlays on pale shade of green, or ivory paper - the artwork was updated on later copies to reflect the change of band name

"Vexation of Spirit" (Cassette)

Inlays on hyacinth blue paper, matte black cassette

Inlay - front

Inlay - back

"Pavilion / Pet Sun " (Split Cassette)


Tracks: Pale Shades of Green (Pavilion) / Wish it Was (Pet Sun
Released: February 2016
Label: Long Winter
Pressing Info: