Town Of Hardcore

(Split with Think I Care)

Straight Up...
(Matrix Message)

Sleeve - Front:
Blue paper dust sleeve, with screen-printed artwork
Sleeve - Back
Vinyl - FU Side:
Black labels with hand-stamped band initials
Vinyl - Think I Care side:Black labels with hand-stamped band initials


Tracks: Fucked Up recorded live at CBGB's 29/05/2006 B/W Think I Care  recorded live at Sound & Fury 28/07/2006.
Released: 2007
Label: Town of Hardcore / Eating Rats (Not on Label)
Matrix A: U-61243M-A "Straight up..."
Matrix B: U-61243M-B "town of hardcore" PCMTR

Pressing Info:
250 or 300 or maybe 500

No regular insert.

No Variants


TOHC Zineography
Zineography Book:
The record came with  pre-orders of the ''Town Of Hardcore Zineography" book. The Fucked Up tracks are ''Colour Removal'' and ''Police'' recorded live at CBGB's 29/05/2006.

LFG Post (Sept 14 2007):
Some other cool news I just learned from the internet is that we have a split 7" coming out with the defunct band Think I Care, who we played with a few times. Its coming with the Town Of Hardcore book, and is gonna be taken from a live show we did at CBGBs. Not sure when it's coming out, but you can stay ahead by going to this website and waiting.

'Teetill Death' Post (May 2011) (referring to ebay listing):
Kind of bummed to see the Town of Hardcore book languishing at 99 cents with a day to go. Especially since it includes the live ep and t-shirt. Usually you only see the book, or the book and the ep, but never all three. Definitely a trip to bummer town. Then again, (the) seller attributes the limited edition “dust jacket” artwork to Damian from Fucked Up, and you know what? Ol’ Pink Eyes didn’t draw that bad Larry. I did. So, maybe I'm not so bummed that this is going cheap after all…

I’m kidding, of course. Obviously this deserves better than 99 cents, it’s a collection of the best zine since Hardware. And since I’m here, here’s some more info on the dust cover…

TOHC Package:
Left: Shirt
Middle: 7"
Right: Dust cover (with book behind)

Like the auction says, only 200 came with the “dust cover”. I use “dust cover” loosely, because while this was originally drawn to be a full size wrap around dust jacket, I guess it wasn’t feasible for Eating Rats to make. So they went with the paper slip on. Kind of a downer, but understandable. Yes, that is supposed to be Steve fighting Colossal Man. Caricatures were never my strong point.

Limited Edition dust cover (200 copies)

Above: Numbered stamp on back of  dust cover

Close up of the stamp

Commodity Fetishism:

Test Press - Sleeve Front:
Guillotine execution scene, with 'Eating Rats' head superimposed
Test Press - Sleeve Back:
Fold out sleeve, with 3/4 back panel. 'Eating Rats' character bottom RHS
Test Pressing - Vinyl