''Dolly Mixture''

Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back


Tracks: He's So Frisky / Dream Come True
Released: 2006
Label: FU Records (Self Release) - FU-03
Matrix A: FU-706-A
Matrix B: FU-706-B

Pressing Info:
500 (8 test presses - see notes below)

No regular insert

No variants


Sold at Hidden World record release shows. Covers of two songs originally by Dolly Mixture. There are two versions of each song, one with Damian singing and one with Manno (Dangerloves) singing.

LFG Post (July 21 2006):

Record Release
We confirmed the dates for the "Hidden World" record release show. Oct 27, 28 and 29th in Toronto Canada. Lots of crazy shit will go on, make plans to be here.

Couple Tracks Album Insert / Inlay Notes (2010):
When we were planning our record release shows for Hidden World in 2006 we wanted to have as many records on the table as possible, and decided to cover two Shop Assistants songs (and two Dolly Mixture songs)...We had our friend Manno from the Bayonettes to sing versions of each song so they'd be like those Smiths singles that said ''featuring Sandie Shaw''on them. She's not a huge star in her own right,so it didn't really sell a lot of extra copies having her name on the cover (plus we didn't put it on there) but she made us lasagna and bought it to the studio.

From email correspondence:
Dolly mixture and Shop Assistants - minimum 8 test pressings for each record (I had them, they gave away a set at Halloween). 

The ringwear was by accident the sleeves are from the same place in Toronto as 'Generation'. But after they were stuffed and put in a box the ringwear was on all them (wet print still?). 

(There are at least one pair of mint covers, that did not go in the box)

Sleeve Notes:

Congrats to Pink Eye and Lauren, who were married last Saturday. We all had a lot of eat and drink and are looking forward to the next one.

FU & Manno at Damian's wedding Picture by Mimi Cabell

FU 'Love Logo' : Image on reverse of sleeve.
Appeared on blog post mentioning release shows and featuring cryptic 'Happy Valentines Day' greeting. (Posted in September)

Commodity Fetishism

Test press?

Test Press?

Both the above were sold as test presses on Ebay, not sure why they are different, but both appear to be genuine. The top one was sold as part of a collection, which included several records obtained from Damian Abraham - the handwritten "DA" seems to confirm this - it was advertised as limited to 3 copies...

'Someone in the know' confirmed there were 8 test presses, but it's not clear if this applied to the big-hole version, or the combined total of both versions - i.e. there are either 5 or 8 big-hole versions.

Maybe one was rejected, or maybe it's just an oddity, the record was (according to the same person in the know) probably one of the last things to be pressed at the Pickering plant - but it lacks the big dot (see also Generation & Baiting TP's).