''Couple Tracks''

Anthems that should have toppled Kings, now preserved in collections of precious things...

Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back:
Band shot pre Ben Cook & Ben Sherman 



Tracks: Couple Tracks B/W HeirApparent
Released: 2009
Label: Matador Records OLE 925-7
Matrix A: OLE 925-A GOLDEN
Matrix B: OLE 925-B GOLDEN

Pressing Info:
First pressing 2500 on December 11, 2009.
Second pressing 250 on April 6, 2010

Inserts: No regular insert

  • The first pressing has the labels and matrices on the 'wrong' sides of the vinyl. It is unclear if the labels were corrected for the second press... TBC.
  • A 'one off' sleeve was made as prize for a competition - see notes below. Several pictures on this site have been cropped from Steve Witsels winning collection


Initially came free with pre-order of album of same name (and same sleeve image). Note on reverse of sleeve states: 'This 7" is not available for individual sale'. Subsequently available for individual sale via band webstore and on tour.

From Mixtape 4 Side A Notes:
8) “Heir Apparent” - From the Couple Tracks 7” single

This song is about Holden, Damian's young son. I'm not sure how many people actually got a copy of this single, because it was designed and executed strategically as a marketing tool, released in tandem with our second singles collection album, with which it shares its name. For some reason this song made it regularly into the set list throughout 2010 and 2011. It is a “sweet little ditty” and resides purely on the “ripped off the Undertones” side of the FU tracks.

Contest Sleeve - Text From LFG Post (Jan 29 2010):
We pretty much spent the rest of the day at the office just trying to think of what kind of contests we could layout in anticipation of our new singles comp, that is actually out NOW.So we shot down almost all their ideas for contests, and settled on this kind of cool, but pretty obviously derived from The Simpsons contest, where the winner will get his or her face on a Fucked Up 7".

All you have to do is have the best collection of Fucked Up records in the world (other than me, because I have the best one), take a picture of it Tall-Rob style, and send it into the ceo of the Matador Contest Debt. Matadors Contest Master General will pick the collection with the most heft, and the owner will have his/her likeness memorialized on a limited to ONE version of the already-limited Couple Tracks 7", which will then be sent to that winning person. Take a look at the link HERE for more details.

'Tall Rob Style'  -  Extract from interview: 

MRR: Can you also tell me what those ‘Baiting The Collectors’ pictures you and Matt Clarke did were for?
Tall Rob: Haha, sure. The band I was in at the time (Reflect) was playing a show with them and I decided to make a few flyers showcasing my collection. Decided to go with the Man is the Bastard slogan/font and "Baiting the Collectors" just made sense. Matt Clark made one in response for the show in Chicago on that tour. Just both of us being nerds I guess.

Sleeve Notes:

Self Reference:
The ''Couple Tracks'' artwork revisits ''Epics in Minutes''; both titles refer to a compilation and a 7", both have the same layout for the artwork, both compilations are primarily collections of 7" tracks and the songs on both 7"s are about collecting 7"s (Assuming that's what the ''Epics in Minutes'' song is about...)

''Couple Tracks'' & ''Epics In Minutes'' 7" singles and CD compilations.

Commodity Fetishism:

'Contest Sleeve'