Bruises are a universal language...

Sleeve - Front
Sleeves are hand-screen printed on brown heavy-stock paper
Sleeve - Back
Left: 'A' Side
Right: 'B' Side
Some labels are pure white, overs are cream coloured; one of each is shown above.
Sleeve - Folded Out
(Reverse is blank)


Tracks: 'A' Side - Fate of Fates / Police 'B' Side - Ban Violins / JTGA / Reset The Ride
Released: 2009
Label: Slowboy
Matrix A: BRUISES-A ...we will go and eat so much chocolate!... MMP VINYL
Matrix B: BRUISES-A ...bruises are a universal language... MMP VINYL

Pressing Info (Figures based on considered interpretation of conflicting information)
Black Vinyl
Total Press of 800:
600 in Brown 'regular sleeve'
100 in White 'show sleeve'
100 in Red 'mail-order sleeve' 
5 test presses

White Vinyl
Total Press of 50, Mixture of above sleeve colours, hand-stamped and numbered. Kept by label mostly for trading.
5 Test Presses

No regular insert. Some have gig tickets from Düsseldorf show.

Brown Sleeve (Regular Sleeve)
White Sleeve (Show Sleeve - Sold at Fucked Up show in Düsseldorf, Dec 3 2009)
Red Sleeve (Mail Order Sleeve)
White Vinyl (For Trade) 

Sleeve Variants:
Top: Brown - Regular sleeve
Bottom Left: Red - Mail Order sleeve
Bottom Right: White - Show sleeve: Some copies come with the red 'insert' shown top left and right; these are tickets from the show at which the red-sleeve version was sold 
White Vinyl Variant:
White vinyl with pink(ish) swirl, white labels stamped as per the black vinyl version.
Mixture of sleeve colours.
White Vinyl Variant:
As above. The sleeves have the FU logo stamped on the reverse and are hand-numbered out of 50.

Recorded live at Gleis 22, Münster.

From 'Münster Maritim' Tumblr:
Gleis 22, Münster (Jan 3 2007): This was one of the first shows of their second Euro tour. On this tour they came over with a complete lineup, unlike the first tour, where Damian had been replaced by the singer of Urban Blight. Also the “Bruises” live LP was recorded during this show. 

LFG Post (July 21 2009)
A few years ago we played a show in Munster Germany. It was the first time we ever got a hotel to stay at after the show. Plus the spread they gave us before the show still ranks with the best we've ever had. Before our set, I remember doing an interview with Ox Fanzine that took about 3 hours to do. We started before the show, had to move it into the van outside when the first band started, and then finished up just as we were about to play - you can hear sections of this interview on the 3rd Mixtape we did. It was funny and informative. That afternoon, or the next day, we had to take Damian to the hospital because he had some severe problems with his vocal chords - these were the days before we'd get him honey on every tour to leave on the floor of the van and never use, you see. Anyhow it was a busy day. We just got a board recording of the show, which was also notable because we set up behind a curtain that was dramatically pulled aside to reveal the band as we started into our first song. It was our first show in Germany with the full band (minus THE BEAV) and we all thought we played a pretty good show, but no one in the audience was doing anything - not moving, not singing, not really clapping. We were all confused when we had to do an encore after no one left at the end of our set. Some of the songs were a bit out of tune, I'm realizing now after listening to this recording but the set stands up, despite the old timey choice of songs.  It may one day get released on a 12" by some stand-stills in Germany.

German stand-stills at the Gleis 22 show - picture borrowed from Münster Maritim  

Sleeve Notes:

Jacobs Ladder (Image on Front of Sleeve)
Memento Mori? Image on Reverse of Sleeve & Ticket

Commodity Fetishism

Black Vinyl Test Pressing #04/05
White Vinyl Test Pressing #05/05
White Vinyl Test Pressing #05/05