''Year Of The Snake''

(Draft in progress)


Tracks: Year Of The Snake B/W Passacaglia
Year: 2017
Label: Tankcrimes
Matrix A: 
Matrix B: 

Pressing Info: 
First Press: 
250 - Black vinyl*
350 - Splatter vinyl*
400 - Picture disc*

1000 - Clear vinyl

*All variants except clear come with a bonus black 7" flexi disc with a remix of the title track by Container 

Test Pressings: 15 

Four vinyl variants as above, 3 come with bonus flexi disc


Watch the space below -  after a while shapes and symbols will appear before your eyes :

Commodity Fetishism:

"Year of The Snake" 12" Test pressing Side 'A' - this one comes with bonus Thumb of the Scotty
pic: borrowed from Tankcrimes Twitter

''No Paseran''


"Thomas the Tank Engine"
Artwork for front panel of cassette  

Tracks dubbed on to used cassettes as per the Demo cassette. Cassette finished with FU logo stickers. (Image courtesy of Del Taylor)

Inlay - four panel single-sided xerox copy
(Image courtesy of Del Taylor)


1, No Paseran
2. Circling The Drain
3. There Is A Light That Never Comes On
4. Generation
5. Red

Year: 2002
Label: Self release

Sold / given away in 2002, presumably prior to the vinyl version being available.

Lyrics and credits cropped from inlay sheet



Recorded Aug 01 on 4 tracks by Martin at Jesse's house. Dubbed onto dumpstered tapes Dec 01. Thanks to whoever threw them out. (Liner note)
 Cassette case with 'girl' inlay artwork (image borrowed from discogs)

"Dumpstered" cassette tape (image courtesy of Del Taylor)

Xerox inlay - one of the initial batch of cassettes, judging by the track list. See enlarged versions below if you want to read it.
 (Image courtesy of Del Taylor)


Tracks (on initial batch of cassettes)
1 Red
2 Nickles And Dimes
3 Following/Wanderlust
4 Piece By Piece
5 The Land Of Nod

Tracks (on later batch of cassettes)
1 The Lurking Fear
2 Circling The Drain
3 The Achilles List
4 Sleep Tight
5 Sirens
6 Piece By Piece
7  Following
8 Land Of Nod

Year: Dec 2001 & 2002
Label: Breakout Fanzine ‎– 001

Pressing Info: 
Not many copies

The actual cassettes are mostly different, some are random re-used cassettes, some (maybe the later batch?) look like they used new Maxell cassettes. Some had different inlays. Some had different track lists... some may even have had demos from other bands dubbed on the 'B' side....

...Confused? Us too, so we messaged Jonah, here's his reply: 

Jonah: So that demo, and I can't remember why exactly -- I was supposed to make the covers for the first batch at some show we were playing. All the images came from a book I had about Italian Cinema, and a book about Japanese Cinema, as well as an old collection of one of William Randolph Hearst's doomed LA newspapers. The names (of the tracks) came from Mike, but were changed after the initial run of tapes to what's on the "official" demo. I think to do with extra lyrics being written. This was the very first run, of which there were a few different covers/interiors. I can't remember exactly which are which though ha.

I believe they were sold and given away, and I specifically remember having them at an unrelated El Mocambo (old venue) show, but who knows hahaha.
good luck!

This one allegedly had a certain demo by NO WARNING on the 'B' Side

This one shows an example of the 'Italian Cinema' inlay artwork...
...it seems to be one of the later batch of cassettes - the track titles match the "official" demo as per the EPICS IN MINUTES comp...
...and it's on a new Maxell cassette rather than a dumpster one.


1. Breakout Fanzine (the label for this recording) was one of Mike Haliechuk's projects
2. All lyrics written after recording took place (see enlarged liner notes below)
3. Note also the hand-drawn sigil (be careful not to look at it as it may be dangerous)

Terror of the eternal return

  1. 1.
    a series of petitions for use in church services or processions, usually recited by the clergy and responded to in a recurring formula by the people.

  2. 2.
    a tedious recital or repetitive series.

From Wikipedia

In general, according to Eliade, traditional man sees the eternal return as something positive, even necessary....

"In certain highly evolved societies, the intellectual élites progressively detach themselves from the patterns of traditional religion. The periodical resanctification of cosmic time then proves useless and without meaning. [...] But repetition emptied of its religious content necessarily leads to a pessimistic vision of existence.

When it is no longer a vehicle for reintegrating a primordial situation [...] that is, when it is desacralized, cyclic time becomes terrifying; it is seen as a circle forever turning on itself, repeating itself to infinity."

Thank God

Son: Mummy mummy mummy, please buy this record, I've wanted it forever (nearly 6 months)

MOTHER: Mummy wants you to be happy, but $75.00? That’s outrageous; he probably bought it 2 days ago for like $10 or $15

SON: It's a simple case of  supply and demand, mummy, supply and demand. 

MOTHER: That’s not the point. Some poor little punk kids made that record with their bare hands and bits of their souls and they probably only got $5 to share between their whole family.
SON: Making a profit is nothing to be ashamed of. We live in a consumer capitalist society, the little punk kids get their $5, the man gets his profit, we get the record.

THE FATHER: That's right son and it's called REALITY, be sure to keep it going or else something bad will happen.

The End

Day of the Year

It's not every day you get to hear a new part of the FU Zodiac for the first time, and it's not every day you get a bunch of holy grails in the post. The flyers below are from the legendary Barcelona gig in 2006 and they were made by Guille, the vocalist of INVASION. There are rumoured to be maybe 8 different ones and some were randomly put into the FUMS PERILLOSOS 7". 

I contacted Guille about 3 years ago, to see if he'd kept any of the flyers; he's been meaning to send them ever since...  and I've been thinking of one day getting them ever since... God or whatever does God's job must be into synchronicity, because they could have arrived on any day since three years ago, but they they arrived today on "Year of The Snake" day. Amen.

For some reason, a lot of the music I listen to that isn't by Fucked Up is by bands that once played with Fucked Up or are related in someway... 

Here's ARCHAIC: one of Guille's projects, post INVASION