Jacket - Front

Jacket - Back:
Touring = partying

Jacket - Gatefold sleeve opened

'Front' labels have FU logo,
'Reverse' labels have Matador logo

Lyric Sheet - Front

Lyric Sheet - Back:
Band members relax in style


Year: 2010
Label: Matador Records OLE 839-1
Matrix A: OLE-839 A
Matrix B: OLE-839 B 
Matrix C: OLE-839 C
Matrix D: OLE-839 D
Inserts: Double-sided insert, as pictured above
Variants: No (known) Variants


The second singles compilation, like the first one contains several songs that weren't technically singles... More info on LFG Post HERE.

Sleve Notes:

Front: Same as 7" version, notes on that are HERE.

Back: Departure area picture, taken on Japan / China trip, read about it HERE.

Inner: Various 'on the road' snaps