''Year Of The Tiger''

So filled with sorrow, so filled with hate, otherwise empty, a relic of grace...
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Tiger image by Rico White

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Tracks: Year Of The Tiger B/W ONNO
Year: 2012
Matrix A: L-20653M-A OLE-974-1 ⓤ
Matrix B: L-20653M-B OLE-974-1 ⓤ
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Promotional info:
Since 2006, Fucked Up have been releasing an annual 12" single on each Chinese New Year. "Year Of The Tiger" is an anthemic progressive rock masterpiece featuring guests Jim Jarmusch, Annie-Claude DeschĂȘnes and Austra. The 15-minute long track features the band's familiar layers of guitar and roaring vocals, taken to a new level with the addition of piano, Jarmusch's dark recitations and DeschĂȘnes's gorgeous crescendos, in this menacing but uplifting story about the predation of predators. $1 from the sale of each record donated to the Save The Tiger fund.

It's about a Tiger (From Pitchfork review):
Total running time of Year of the Tiger: 37:35. Total running time of the Ramones' debut album: 29:04. Total running time of Nick Drake's Pink Moon: 28:22. Total running time of Fela Kuti's Expensive Shit: 24:13. Let's call this an album, OK? In any case, Fucked Up have been releasing long songs for each year of the Chinese Zodiac since 2006, although they're running a little behind at the moment. (The Year of the Tiger ended in February 2011; we've passed through the Rabbit Year and are now in the Dragon Year.)

Year of the Tiger is a pair of tracks that have been around for a while-- the band claimed to have finished the title song almost two years ago. It's the first music we've heard from the band in a while that doesn't have some formal connection to their David Comes to Life project. "Year of the Tiger" itself is a 15-minute song with a very long lyric (apparently by guitarist Mike Haliechuk) about an aging tiger approaching his death.

Julius Evola 'Tiger Riding'  reference from "Looking For Gold"

Onno Video by Sandy:

Fucked Up "ONNO" from Sandy Miranda on Vimeo.

Rather than subjecting the lyrics to the usual CSI nonsense, and partly as a result of it being Christmas Day 2014 and also as a result of recently being advised by a wise man (Fat Bob) to not over-analyse something (Looking for Crass references in Hard Skin) and just let it be amazing, the rest of this post has nothing to do with Tigers, but instead joins some dots between Fucked Up and some other amazing bands that have helped make living out of life for me this year and who I would never have found if it hadn't been for taking a punt on "Chemistry of Common Life" a few years ago; a punt made mostly because  the name of the band included a very naughty word...

S.H.I.T. (Another Video by Sandy)...

S.H.I.T. - A Concert Film from Sandy Miranda on Vimeo.

There are plenty of proper connections between Fucked Up and S.H.I.T., but leaving those aside and sticking with personal and tenuous ones, S.H.I.T. played at the Static Shock Weekend this year in London, it was like being in a mad tribal frenzy. Tom Ellis, who himself has a few connections with the FU thing / FU people, organised the event and was left holding the speaker stacks to stop them falling into the crowd:

Hank Woods & The Hammerheads played the Static Shock weekend too; they manifest equal levels of tribal frenzy, as this video of their show at 538 Johnson gig illustrates:

Likewise Una Bestia Incontrolable, also at 538 Johnson and also featuring double drummers, the same regulars AND Hank Woods man in crowd minus trousers:

He's minus everything else in Dawn of Humans, but I've not had a chance to give them attention yet.

Finally have also realised there are some pretty decent bands on my doorstep, so will be spending some ego death time with them in 2015.