David J Eliade - Part 1


Before he became a fictional character in a rock opera / musical / concept record thing, David Eliade was (and maybe still is) the invisible leader of Fucked Up. This page comprises clippings from interviews etc arranged in chronological order.

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Under New Management
If you have a question about Fucked Up, or would like to contact them regarding interview requests or philosophical queries, please feel free to contact David Eliade at vibrationandhum@hotmail.com. He is the newest member of the FU family and is eager to discuss all matters.
Triumph of Life!


Lyrical Miracle
His role as manager was announced in 2006, but he had been closely involved before this time, notably having conducted the MRR interview in 2004. Perhaps most telling is the change in lyrical content that took place following his arrival:
Pre-Eliade Lyrics:
I went to my job even though I hate it, I need the money or else I'll get evicted. They said ''we're sorry'' there's no room for me, onto the curb with no money no dignity, I'm circling the drain. (''Circling The Drain'') 
On the streets the police, in my house the police, gotta run the police, they gotta gun the police, a shitty band the police, I ain't no fan the police  (''Police'')
Generation, holding my breath, no hesitation, freedom or death (''Generation'')
The bees decide who listens and who speaks. Their golden mead is fed to heads we keep. New worlds and paths do these new minds conceive. (''Looking For Gold'')
We spill out of the fish turn Pisces to twins, divide twelve into six, two halves of a whole tug at a singular soul wound round a staff. (Two Snakes)
A reversed Oedipal complex based on power and not on the sex. (Son The Father)

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2006 (Image at top of Post):

David Eliade: the guru dressed in oriental changshan / bath robe.


Intro to David Comes to Life song:
''This goes out to the supreme exalted high master, the grand dragon, David Eliade! 
Colonel Clink Mother Fucker, Colonel Clink''

C Link
Mixtape Sleeve Notes for David Comes to Life song:
None of us can really remember where or when we met David, but it seems like a long time ago. Originally this song was called "Ian"-something something, and was going to be in reference to Ian Dickson, who we had recently kicked in the balls rather severely.
While writing it at practice (about 2 weeks before we recorded the Hidden World LP) one of us said "Wait, maybe it should be about David, and be called David Comes to Life?" And David was born. This is a rare unmixed version without the backup vocals over the last chorus. Alternately, one morning while we were doing backups and pre-mixing, it was early enough that only me and Beat were in the studio. We did a version of this song that has a lush 14 part vocal harmony at the end of the song. By the time we got to the 5th and 6th overdubs, we were clapping, whistling and laughing.
I would have included this version but I couldn't find it.

Interview extract on Mixtape:
Is it David's movie?
Oh, that one. He's (i.e Eliade) kind of bank-rolling my screenplay. He likes punk bands but he's also like an industry guy, he's a mover and a shaker, he has a few million dollars.
(3) Mixtape 2 Side One


Scene Point Blank: You've made a lot of references to David Eliade; how did you come into contact with him and what kind of effect has he had on Fucked Up?

10,000 Marbles: We met him at a show in NYC once. It's like how they say in the Kabbalah tradition - you can't seek a teacher, but one will appear in your life when you are ready. He showed up at the right time for us. He's like an invisible hand, we don't have much contact with him but he influences us a lot. I chat with him on the phone sometimes, but we only see him in person every six months or so, and we'll do a lot of heavy chatting and planning when we're together. He gives us a lot of influence; I don't really want to say a lot more than that.

10.26.06 The El Mocambo, Toronto: Marbles in DE mask 
(One of The Hidden World Release shows)
Scene Point Blank: Fucked Up has always seemed to be a band with ambitious plans for the future so what's on your agenda in the days to come?

10,000 Marbles: "David Comes to Life" soundtrack LP, "David Comes to Life" musical, Nation 12", another double LP, Army of Goldfaces, "Triumph" movie soundtrack (directed by David Eliade), split 12" with Mind Eraser, Black Sun side project (collaboration with Wyrd Visions), and Cassie remix 12".

Unidentified image - may be same show as above?
Damian apparently raising arms in salute / worship of female David Eliade


The band relaxing at home with David Eliade
(Photo by Emma Lee)
The interview appears on LFG with the picture on the right, along with a number of hidden references to neoism and collective pseudonyms; some examples are pasted below:

Fucked Up are known for nothing if not their confusing discography... 

...I like that people buy the records I make,but I also hate them enough to make their lives a bit more trying, but making records they'll never be aMonty Cantsinble to own...

...I hope people like the record. I hope people just don't say "this is awesome" or like "this sucks" or "is too long", I hope that it hits peoKaren Eliotple I guess in someway. There are also some really specific reactions we're looking for, but again, there's sigils in the art to do that, so I can't talk 
about those ones...

We don't really have an agenda and I want there to be a lot of wLuther Blissettays people can perceive this,
so thats why we try and wear a lot of different hats. The next project we are going to start working on once Mr. Jo gets back from Japan is the "David Comes To Life" musical, and me and him are going to score a film for David Eliade.


Arthur: When is the rock opera and movie coming out?

Mr. Jo: This project will certainly take some time, but some designs for the “David” musical are already being laid. You’d have to ask David [Eliade, the band’s elusive manager] about the film, though. Those are his connections, not necessarily ours.


What's the role of David Eliade in Fucked Up?
David is the coiled filament himself. Our job is to sit in front of giant microscopes to make sure
he doesn't come unravelled. He is the electric DNA at the bottom corner of our music factory.

Is there a connection between David Eliade and the song "David Comes to Life"?
David told us that he was born with 3 strands of DNA instead of just 2. He said the third one was covered with an osmium coating, and made him the first living cyborg. When he came to life it was like he was born backwards, so we had to write the song in reverse order and upside down by having some people hold mirrors to mirrors in our practice space. Decoding the upside down backwards lyrics was a huge pain in the ass. David claims to be able to do all these crazy things like see gas and oxygen molecules. We sometimes think he's kind of retarded, but then also like a weird genius. No one has ever met his father, if you know what i'm saying. Anyhow, the connection is that "David Comes to Life" is about jesus christ.


Your blog directs people who click the name of your alleged manager/guru, David Eliade, to an entry for collective pseudonyms. Why do I think that's not accidental?
10,000 MARBLES: David is currently undergoing a massive personality crisis. He's still a bit immature: Like some self-referential teenager, his reaction to constantly having his identity and existence questioned, is to try and stop existing altogether.


Full version with updated pictures and different links on Jagged Visions Zine site HERE & HERE

Are you related to the Romanian philosopher and writer Mircea Eliade?
Well, the "Eliade" part of my name is a pseudonym, and absolutely it's taken from Mircea. The plan with Fucked Up has never been to waste words - we try to pill as many meanings into each word as we can, so that no word on the paper is wasted. It's also the rule to use fake names as much as possible, partly for the same reason, but also for anonymity, so we can walk away from it when we are finished without the residue.

Given that the band has a DIY punk background, do you ever have arguments with the band members about the musical and commercial directions the band should take?
At first we argued. I tried to explain their greater influence and potential. This is how it has been before - artists often need to be shown the way and have their art put in a greater context. I try not to interfere to much in the musical aspects of the group because that isn't my strong point, but I do show them things there too. I mean I try not to be too heavy handed in any aspect of the group because I want them to be able to stand behind everything they've done as their own, but I am a part of the group and do have an influence.

What is Wilsim Publogy?
Wilsim Publogy was an offshoot of Romanian Manicheanism, and the whole Gnosticism trip. It sees cosmology in the same way as the Gnostics, in that the universe, or the being, or whatever, is split into these two forces, "light" and "dark", or what have you, but differs in that Publogy doesn't see the forces as neccesarily opposite, but the same. It's more into dualism, more along the lines of Vedantic Hinduism, who thought in terms of the "non duality of duality". The whole Kabbalist "two poles" idea where the opposing forces are actually just different expressions of the same thing. We tried to be influenced by this when we were making Hidden World, and it shows up in songs like Triumph of Life, and Two Snakes and was the inspiration for the cover art. Actually, that's another way Mircae comes back in, the quote we used from him in the record; "to be no longer conditions by a pair of opposites results in absolute freedom". Especially in the world now where you've got your two political ideas, everyone has these strong feelings of wrong and right - we're living in an age where the multitude has been slashed into these singular opposites where life is a series of choices between two opposites, and there are really only two ways of existing, you know "right" or "left". It's important I think to try and pull the crate back open, try to release these other ways of existing. And to do that we try to just take away the divisions and the opposites and just shine through Wilsim Publogy.

Is Wilsim Publogy about knowledge or does it also influence your (moral) behaviour in daily life?
It’s the knowledge we use to live. Publogy informs all of my decisions, it is my cosmology. It’s the thing I refer to when I need to make decisions. I see WP in everyone around me, I use it to evaluate other people, situations I find myself in. It is a doctrine for living to me.

Do you see Fucked Up as a "Gesamtkunstwerk" or just a band? And in what extent do you see them as a contemporary manifestation of Dada or neo-Dada movements?
Well we're starting to work on the David Comes to Life LP, which will try to incorporate more than just music into the presentation. We want to package it as a memory stick so that it can incorporate an albums worth of music, the play, the documentary, the musical, the movie, you know the whole deal. Soon I think media will be presented more along the lines of size rather than style - instead of buying an LPs worth of music from your
favourite band, you'll buy a gigabyte's worth, so we're trying to get with that. It's the whole indie-vertical-integration American Apparel style that is really taking off, now you've got record companies that are getting into publishing and management, it's like this disaster style economics where everyone is sensing this foreboding doom and trying to scoop up as much as they can before the bottom falls out.
But ultimately Fucked Up is just a band. We tried to reference surrealism with Baiting the Public, but none of that kind of art really matters any more, things are too reversed to be able to make any sort of meaningful impact.

In the inlay of the Hidden World booklet is a text about the origin and harmony of the world: "Vibrations and hums the quantum sum where we're from" . You do not have to explain quantum physics, but can you explain your general idea of balance in the cosmos?
Well its the Wilsim Publogy trip again - we just feel the constant hum of unification throughout the cosmos. That piece ("Looking for Life") is about seeing the cosmos as one massive conduit for creating life. One of the quantum realities deals with the idea that maybe when you turn your back there's nothing behind it, that the physical reality we're surrounded by is manifested inside our heads, rather than outside it. So if there is no human consciousness, who manifests the universe? It's this nice one-sided romanticized view we decided
to run with - there is a picture by Kubin we used on the Year of the Dog12" that shows satan ejaculating humanity onto the earth, and it's sort of the same view - the 14 billion years of space was the preparation for the consciousness that would be able to bask in the glory. That text is trying to follow the evolution of life through time and into the future. We like to see the balance in the cosmos as just that, a cradle for life. How there is the pattern of self-replication, at every level, that manage this constant reclycing of materials to keep pushing life and existence into the future.

Are there any final misunderstandings about David Eliade you want to eliminate?
That I don't exist!



The band has a manager called "David Eliade" who some people think is fake, and others aren't so sure about. Although I did have coffee with him this morning (he is my landlord).

The A-side contains the main song, "David Christmas," which serves as the teaser for Fucked Up's next album, The Chemistry of Common Life. Though the song may be interpreted in multiple ways (รก la most of Fucked Up's releases), the basic theme of the song is that Christmas is messed up and instead of worshipping Jesus, we should worship Fucked Up's "manager," David Eliade (who may or may not actually be a real human being).

'David Mask'
From 'Get to Know You' Post LFG (May 20 2008)

Interview Extract: (some use of 'like' omitted)

He's just like in charge of everything that is our band
Doe's he have any supernatural power?
No. It's like we're like his supernatural powers, he's like an arm and we're like his five fingers, we're the way that David can leave his mark on the physical world.
David's idea is that action movies are the new drug (reference then made to 'Religion is the Opium of the People'). We live in the 21st century now and it's like the only thing a billion people on the planet will see of the same thing is a big-budget action movie, so David's idea is that action movies are the easiest way to get at the most peoples brains, so his movie is going to be like, I don't know, it's going to be amazing, it's going to cost the most money of any movie, it's going to have the most weird-ass stunts and it's going to fuck the most people up. Ever.

Interview extracts (around 14.00)
...that's the thing with David, nobody ever really gets to meet him, he doesn't really come to shows or like hang out on the scene or whatever...
...(Triumph & Terminator) Yeah, Triumph (of Life) is like... We don't know everything about David and one of the things we don't know is how he got involved in the movie industry...This afternoon we divided the... films into ATL and BTL - which is Before True Lies and After True Lies. True lies is like the genus* point of American films and describes how we as a band feel about Schwarzenegger...
...(Damian interrupts) No I would like to interject here and say that some of us do not buy David's bullshit theory of god-damned bad action movies... some of us enjoy, you know the work of... movies that don't have Arnold Schwarzenegger in them... The Fucked Up project is not concerned with True Lies.

*This is copied as heard off the tape, so it might be genus, genius, venus, penis or something else. Listen to it and see what you think.

''One of the only known depictions of the mysterious David Eliade''

Wikipedia:  In medieval Europe masks were used in mystery and miracle plays to portray allegorical creatures, and the performer representing God frequently wore a gold or gilt mask.

In Ancient Egypt Gold was thought to be the substance which formed the skin of the gods.

DAVID (From Wikipedia)
David is central to Jewish, Christian, and Islamic doctrine and culture. He is depicted as a righteous king, although not without faults, as well as an acclaimed warrior, musician, and poet, traditionally credited for composing many of the psalms contained in the Book of Psalms. (A lot of the Psalms are believed to have been written by other people after his death)
David gave his final instructions, to Solomon including his promise that the line of Solomon and David will inherit the throne of Judah forever, and his request that Solomon kill his oldest enemies on his behalf.
Judaism: David is an important figure in Judaism. Historically, David's reign represented the formation of a coherent Jewish kingdom centered in Jerusalem. David is an important figure within the context of Jewish messianism. In the Hebrew Bible, it is written that a human descendant of David will occupy the throne of a restored kingdom and usher in a messianic age.
Christianity: The concept of the Messiah is important in Christianity. Originally an earthly king ruling by divine appointment ("the anointed one", as the title Messiah had it), the "son of David" became in the last two pre-Christian centuries the apocalyptic and heavenly one who would deliver Israel and usher in a new kingdom. This was the background to the concept of Messiahship in early Christianity, which interpreted the career of Jesus "by means of the titles and functions assigned to David in the mysticism of the Zion cult, in which he served as priest-king and in which he was the mediator between God and man".
Islam: David  is a highly important figure in Islam as one of the major prophets sent by God to guide the Israelites. David is mentioned several times in the Qur'an, often with his son Solomon. David in the Old Testament, is recognized in Islam as a prophet, messenger  and lawgiver of God, and as a righteous King of the United Kingdom of Israel, which itself is a holy country in Islam.

JERUSALEM (City of David, crucifixion venue etc)
David was born in 1964 in Jerusalem. Other events taking place nearby at that time include:
Formation of PLO
Papal Visit
Sallah Shabati

Spoiler for David Eliade - Part 2 (to follow)

Interview Extract:
(DA Speaking) David Eliade fills a void that we need filled. He's more than just a person, he's an idea and as such he fills all the roles we need him to fill.

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