''Black Army''

The Struggle Against The State
(Title of insert)

Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back
Vinyl - Side A: Printed labels (left) and 'tour' version with white labels (right)
Vinyl - Side A: Printed labels (left) and 'tour' version with white labels (right)
Insert 1: (Lyric sheet) Front and back
Insert 2: (Nestor Makhno) Front and back


Tracks: Baiting The Public B/W Circling The Drain / Municipal Prick
Released: 2005
Label: Burning Sensation Records BSC-BS001
Matrix A: 59452 1A BS 001
Matrix B: 59452 1B BS 001

Pressing Info:
First Press 1000 (Out of press)
*175 white labels. here were actually 300 white labels.
9 Test Presses

*Above info from LFG site, but believed to be incorrect, should be:
15 Test Pressings.
First Press of 1000, comprising 700 with printed labels and 300 blank with white labels. Some of the white labels have hand-witten messages. (According to a Maarten - a friend of the label owner).

Lyric sheet with 4 images on reverse
Portrait of Nestor Makhno with précis of the Black Army & Black Cross on reverse.

Printed labels
Blank white labels: some of these have handwritten messages on and were sold on the European Tour.

This is the Sandy of Records
Image borrowed from Kyle Whitlow's site - check it out.

Black Army & Black Cross often come as a pair and are a compilation of older releases, put together for the European Market (for want of a better term), as the earlier releases were not so readily available outside of North America.

The two records have different images on the front of the sleeves and the reverse of the lyric sheet, but otherwise share the same the artwork.

Sleeve Notes:

Front Cover: (To follow). Actually, probably not. This will have to go down as 'unidentified' for the time-being. The feathered bicorn hats and red? uniforms suggest knights, but could alternatively be military or diplomats. Looks like they're in a car and being followed by soldiers with bayonets on foot. Probably has something to do with the state, or God, or something...

Back Cover: The compilation theme is followed through in the artwork: The band shot is from the ''Epics in Minutes'' CD, The 'Twin Dragon' image was used in sketch form on ''Looking For Gold'' and would be used again for the labels of ''Two Snakes''. The 'Big Fish / Little Fish' was used on''Baiting The Public''. Similarly some of the insert images are reused - the art nouveau swans from the ''Litany'' insert and one of the 'soldier' images from a ''Generation'' insert.

Commodity Fetishism:

Test Presses: Black Army (White sleeve, white labels)
& Black Cross (White sleeve, white labels)...