''Epics in Minutes''

(The Secret 'ish' 7'')

........ ........... ........?

 Generic white dust cover, most are hand-numbered in
bottom left-hand corner.
Most are numbered out of 1000

Self released by band, labels same as Deranged releases, but without Deranged Logo

Picture Sleeve - Front:
Folded paper with photocopied image on one side. Various images were used - see below for more examples.
Not all copies have a picture sleeve, some just have the dust cover described above. 

Picture Sleeve - Folded out


Tracks: Epics in Minutes B/W Search For The Words
Released: 2003
Label: Self Released - FU: 001

Pressing Info:
Believed to be 300, but numbered out of 1000, some have the fake epics vinyl...

No regular insert.
    Several different sleeves and covers, many are unique.


    Most come with a generic white dust sleeve numbered out of 1000. Some also come with a fold-out photocopied picture sleeve, some are also personalised. There are various jacket pictures, some of the images have been used more than once, but may be cropped differently. Some of the images reference FU themes, others are random. A few examples are shown below.

    Given away, the name of the person receiving the record was (supposedly) recorded in a note book to deter flipping. Has 'Red Herring' message etched into run-out; see also 'Baiting with Epics Labels'. It's generally supposed that there were 300 copies; compared to the other singles, a lot seem to have been kept by the original owners.      

    Some disks may be fake?

    Sleeve Variations:

    #24/1000 - Man in medical mask

    # 55/1000 - 'Blonde woman in zip-top' - half panel of sleeve
    #59/1000 - 'Saddam Hussein with sword' - comes with ''stomp on a mod!'' stamped poly cover

    #? / 1000 'Stomp' stamped / type-writen sleeve (pic from FU instagram)
    #60/1000 - 'Mark Frechette'
    #61 & #65/1000 - 'Saddam Hussein with sword' - two records, same image on sleeve, but cropped and orientated differently
    #61 - Reverse of above (left) sleeve, image orientated 'landscape'
    #65/1000 - Reverse of above (right) sleeve, image orientated 'portrait'
    # 78/1000 - 'Blonde woman in zip-top' 
    #88 Hitler - Same copy as above, this one has had a few owners.
    Modern Nazis use the number 88 as an abbreviation for the salute Heil Hitler. The letter H is eighth in the English alphabet, whereby 88 becomes HH.
    # 98/1000 - 'Dance of Death' detail 

    # 119/1000 -  Re-used generic Artista sleeve. Dust sleeve personalised with typed text by JF for Eric Smith (former drummer in Career Suicide) 
    # 119/1000 - As described above
    # 119/1000 - As described above
    # 159/1000 - No picture sleeve 
    # 198/1000 - No picture sleeve (this copy has baiting the public vinyl according to Sarah's list)
    The following copies also do not have picture sleeves:
    # 106/1000
    # 164/1000
    # 166/1000 
    # 170/1000
    # 186/1000 
     # 203/1000 - ''Two figures 'wrestling' in front of a vehicle'' 
    # 207/1000 - 'Man walking past oriental text banner'
    # 228/1000 - 'Kid with cowboy gun' 
    #?/1000 - Bonnie 'fellating' a soda bottle. (Image of Faye Dunaway as 'Bonnie' From the movie 'Bonnie & Clyde')
    (Number info unavailable)
    #?/1000  - 'Two school girls in boater hats with a dog' Image used on 1988 Quantas airlines advert (number info unavailable)

    #?/1000  - Saddam Hussein with sword (number info unavailable)
    (as seen on ebay - same image as 59, 61 & 65, but confirmed as not being one of these)
    #?/1000 - Japanese communal bath (number info unavailable)

    Collection pic: The middle 2 records are 'Epics in Minutes' The left-hand one is #88 (yet again). The right-hand one (trees and a basket-thing?) will have to remain a secret for the time-being.

    Bottom left hand side is 'Baiting The Public' (Wrong label version)

    #?/1000 - Extract from rejected image for 'Epics in Minutes' CD (Josh smirking)

    See comment below
    #?/1000 - Woman in (hospital?) bed. Top pic cover opened, bottom cover folded

    #? - #? - A box full of epics disks before they got packaged up and numbered