Deaf Mutations

Flush All feces...

Deaf Mutations was Dave Brown's semi-anonymous hardcore project, Jonah was also involved and "Crash The Clubs" is their sole release. Dave and Jonah were in Career Suicide at the time, so technically it's more of a CS rather than a  FU side project, but never mind. 

Dave Brown played drums in CS, but switches here to vocals; Jonah plays guitar and maybe bass. He also recorded and produced the EP. Dave released it as a tape via his Sewercide label and a few years later, their friend Tom Ellis released it as a 7" on Static Shock Records.

Sleeve - Front

Sleeve - Back


Side A: Crash The Clubs
Side B:  Mutation Shuffle / My Feces Pt 1
Released: May 2011
Label: Static Shock Records SSR10
Matrix A: SSR10 - A
Matrix B: SSR10 - B

Pressing Info:
10 Test Pressings
500 First press

Inserts: No insert
Variants: No (known) variants


Static Shock Records: After almost two years in the making, the DEAF MUATIONS 7" is finally now available to order. DEAF MUTATIONS is the brainchild of Dave Brown (also of Career Suicide) and they play violent, hardcore punk that wouldn't sound out of place on the Master Tape comp. The recordings on this 7" were originally released in late 2008 as a very limited cassette that didn't really make it out of Toronto. So needless to say, we're pretty thrilled to put this out and hopefully help this recording get the attention it deserves. At the request of the band, this is a one-time pressing of 500 copies.
Originally released as a Cassette in 2008:
Limited to 130 copies  on Dave Brown's Sewercide label

Sleeve Notes:

1. The Art 4 Punks Blog provides a full critique of the sleeve and label design...

2. Johnny & The G-Rays where part of the fisrt wave of Tornto punk and according PUNKS AND ROCKERS they played 'oblique rock n roll punk'.
They possibly don't have anything to do with the Deaf Mutations 7", other than linking it to the time and place that inspired it. You can hear their 1980 LP HERE - it's a lost nugget of punk, rockabilly, and new wave...

The sleeve text seems to include a few other obscure references / inside jokes by Dave Brown; difficult to say for sure what the McHardy one relates too...

Commodity Fetishism:

Test Pressing #6/10

Test Presing #10/10
Sold on Ebay 
by Static Shock Records to help raise funds for DIY Space for London