Lonely Wholesome

Vinyl & Lathe Cut Records

Lonely Wholesome is one of Jonah's projects. Young Guv / Ben Cook sometimes helps out with mixing, production and other stuff.

Mike Haliechuk says: Lonely Wholesome is one of Jonah's "secret" bands. He likes to play instruments and sing, so he has a band where he does mostly both. ( FU Mixtape 5 Liner Notes):

Check out Jonah's soundcloud for some nice tunes. Discographied below are the following physical releases:
  • ''Vanity'' - Lathe Cut 7"
  • ''Who Killed Anna'' - Lathe Cut 12"
  • ''Vanity'' 7"

"Vanity" (Lathe Cut 7") 

Sleeve - Front
Sleeve - Back: 
Fold-out sleeve with half-panel on back showing numbered envelope containing disk. 

Lathe Cut Disk:
Blue flexi plastic with two holes, comes in numbered envelope instead of dust sleeve.

Tracks: Vanity (Single-sided disk)
Released: 2010
Label: Scotch Tapes (Scotch Tapes & Young Guv Presents Lathe Cut Series Volume 4)
Matrix A: (No matrix)
Pressing Info: 50 copies

The  lathe was part of a 'Scotch Tapes & Young Guv Presents'' series featuring various local artists. There were five different lathe-cuts in the series.


"Who Killed Anna?" (Lathe Cut 12") 

Tracks: Who Killed Anna?  B/W  Hey Russia
Released: 2010
Label: Scotch Tapes
Matrix A: (No matrix)
Pressing Info: 30 or 50 copies

Sleeve - Front:
Fold-out black card, with pasted artwork

Sleeve - Back
"Rubbed out"

Lathe-Cut Disk

1. Single-sided disk with two tracks. The record sold out very quickly, but disaster struck at the label and most, if not all of the records were not sent out. Apparently some surfaced later, in Toronto second-hand shops...

From Jonah's Instagram: Unexpectedly united with a copy of the Lonely Wholesome "Who Killed Anna?" 12" acetate from 2009. This came out in what was supposed to be an addition of 1-200, of which maybe 30 were actually produced before the label guy disappeared. I have never seen, heard, or held one until today. PS it rips.

3. Anna Politovskaya...


"Vanity" (Vinyl 7") 

Sleeve - Front:
White dust sleeve, hand stamped
Sleeve - Back:
Hand stamped and numbered out of 400
Vinyl - 'A' Side:
Includes removable yellow 45 adapter
Vinyl - 'B' Side
Insert - Front & Back

Tracks: Vanity BW Lethargy
Released: 2014
Label: Wild Animals
Matrix A: LonelyWild 6 - A   WWM / CJ III
Matrix B: LonelyWild 6 - A   WWM / CJ III
Pressing Info:
8 Test Pressings with blank labels - labels have scribbles by Jonah
5 Test Pressings with printed labels

Press of 400* comprising:
284 on black vinyl
41 on pink / purple marbled
26 on blue marbled
25 on white
24 on green marbled
Of the above coloured versions, 25 copies have 'signed' sleeves.

*Pressing Note From Dan @ Wild Animals:
also, i got an extra 15 black copies with the big hole....i've stamped the labels and they have the yellow 'spiders' but i literally only had a few over 400 sleeves so once i'd fucked up a bit of printing, i decided to just number them up to a clean 400 rather that 408 or 415 or anything like that....although, 408 does look like a nice number now i've typed it.

Inserts: Regular insert as pictured above
Variants: Black vinyl plus four colour variants, some of which have signed sleeves - see below.

'Pink /purrple marbled'
'Blue marbled'
'Green marbled'

'Signed' sleeve version

From Wild Animals Blog:
So, Fucked Up were over in Australia in Feb and i finally got to meet Jonah when they played at the Ding Dong Lounge. I got him to sign some records in the hope that some of you kind folks will buy it!

I've got 25 signed copies of the 7" on cloured vinyl, thats pink/purple marbled, blue marbled, green marbled & white. 

Now, i say 'signed'...Jonah sat down with a sharpie and wrote/draw some odd things on the back of the sleeves! A maple leaf, some London postcodes, reviews of the band that was playing at the time...all sorts.


Dan Williams of Wild Animals Records was living in England when he sent a message to Jonah Falco expressing an interest in releasing some Lonely Wholesome material. Jonah missed the message. Two years drifted by. Dan moved to Australia. Human-beings everywhere got older or died. Then one day Jonah found the message, contacted Dan and everyone lived happily ever after.

You can read the full epic story on Vice-Noisey and you can read an interview with Dan on the Psychedelic Baby.

Dan had a few copies of the limited colours left when I contacted him yesterday, hit him up before someone else gets there first.

Commodity Fetishism:

White Label Test Pressing:
 8 copies with white labels + JF scribbles

Printed Label Test Pressing:
5 copies
(Image pinched from Jonah's Instagram)