"Do All Words Can Do"

(DCTL Prologue - David Eliade & Veronica Boisson)

I'm a dim boy, but she makes me shine...
Sleeve - Front:
David Eliade

She is the fire, not the flame...
Sleeve - Back:
Veronica Boisson

Vinyl - 'A' Side

Vinyl - 'B' Side

Lyric Sheet

Lyric Sheet


Tracks: Do All Words Can Do B/W What Would You Do (For Veronica)?
Released: 2011
Label: Matador Records OLE 961-7
Matrix A: OLE-961-7 A GOLDEN
Matrix B: OLE 061-7 B GOLDEN
Pressing Info: 2000? TBC
Inserts: Regular insert as pictured above
Variants: No variants


Extracted From LFG Post (June 28 2011):
As I've written on here before, this collection of records is meant to act as a prologue to David Comes to Life... to describe the characters and the setting in a bit more detail.

The Five  Elements:
Right to left: David Eliade, Vivian Benson, Veronica Boisson, Octavio St. Laurent, Nick Fenstle
Random Facts About The Artwork:
-David Eliade is Ian from the band $100
-Vivian Benson is our friend Kate who is also on the cover of "The Beat and the Pulse" by Austra
-Octavio St Laurant is a Beggars Banquet employee
-The town on the Byrdesdale 7" is where Ben's real life mom was born
-It's the same lightbulb on each cover (and the back cover of DTCL, and the front)
-Nick Fenstle is Josh's Dad, and every member of Josh's family appears on the cover of DCTL

David Eliade

See David Eliade Part 2 for more info.

David & his plants (EARTH)

Sleeve Notes:
The above image has been brightened - it spoils the moody effect, but makes things a little easier to see...

There used to be some conjecture here about the symbolism of knights, grails, left and right arrangements, natural light and all that, but summarising that stuff in bullet points just didn't work.

Veronica Boisson:

Mixtape 4 Side B liner Notes:
I've read that often authors of books and plays will put a lot of meaning and care into naming their characters. One day I was checking my email and noticed a message from one “Veronica Boisson”. That's what the female lead in our new album became. Another day I got another message from someone called “Vivian Benson” - same deal. They both kind of work out, because as you know, Veronica is a cool name, and Vivian is from an early FU song title anyways.

Veronica (From Wikipedia):
According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, the name "Veronica" comes from the Latin vera, meaning "true" or "Truthful", and the Greek eikon, meaning "image"; the Veil of Veronica was therefore largely regarded in medieval times as the "true image", the truthful representation of Jesus, preceding the Shroud of Turin.

Boisson f
1. drink (consumable liquid)
2. drink (a serving of drink)

She drinks from the cup of life (lyric)
The elixir of life, also known as elixir of immortality and sometimes equated with the philosopher's stone, is a mythical potion that, when drunk from a certain cup at a certain time, supposedly grants the drinker eternal life and/or eternal youth. The elixir of life was also said to be able to create life.

Damian Abraham Speaking in AV Club Interview
I’ve kind of always looked at Veronica as, in addition to being a real person, just falling in love with the idea of being in control of your own destiny and workers coming together to improve their lives. It’s almost that moment you get as a kid where you realize that there are other systems to this world than the ones you’ve been exposed to, be they political or musical, and just that feeling you have like, “Oh my God, you mean there’s music out there that’s not the crap I’m hearing every day? Or people out there that don’t think this world is functioning perfectly well and want to change things?”And I think that’s David—he’s just a workaday kind of guy. David is as much me as anyone. And then all of a sudden he’s exposed to this whole world by Veronica, and it just changes his life. I can’t believe how pretentious this is getting, but also like when she dies, I think that’s symbolic of the death of organized labor in Western democracies; that happened specifically in the United States, England, and Canada, which is kind of an amalgamation of the systems, but that’s the rise of Reagan, that’s the rise of Thatcher, and that’s the death of organized labor, so Veronica dying is almost the death of organized labor that happened at that time. And it’s a love song, too. [Laughs.]
Veronica and her candles (FIRE)

Sleeve Notes:

There were some notes here too but they were a bit too lame.

David & Veronica Together