"Octavio Made The Bomb"

(DCTL Epilogue)

The recursive nature of the play becomes clear
Sleeve - Front:
Sleeve - Back
Vinyl - 'A' Side
Vinyl - 'B' Side
Lyric Sheet - Front
Lyric Sheet - Back:
Master of Puppets


Tracks: Octavio Made The Bomb (Single sided)
Released: 2011
Label: Matador Records OLE 960-7
Matrix A: OLE-963-7 A GOLDEN
Pressing Info: 2000? TBC
Inserts: Regular insert as pictured above
Variants: No variants


Extracted From LFG Post (June 28 2011):
(This) one is "Octavio Made the Bomb" which effectively is the epilogue to DCTL. You can probably guess what it's about from the title, but the lyrics kind of help explain the motivation for us writing this whole thing in the first place. It's a one-sided 7" (the first one of those we've done) and looks really cool.

Sleeve Notes:

Front: Petrushka image by George Barbier.

From Wikipedia: Petrushka is a ballet set to music by the Russian composer Igor Stravinsky. The ballet tells the story of a Russian traditional puppet Petrushka, who is made of straw and with a bag of sawdust as his body, but who comes to life and develops emotions.

Back: ''The Shadow #32: The Book of Death''

"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"