The Plot Thickens

In the News this week: New record leaves FU superfans & stalkers intrigued. 

Recorded in Toronto by some weathered but familiar statues in the Toronto punk community... 

Produced by The Green Man and Timmy Scumbag  
Orchestration Davi D'Eli Ade, Overseen by a Mad Man 

Available now on available HERE at Quality Control HQ.

Weirdos wondering about apparent Ulysses references in blurb accompanying recent FU releases will probably also note the following:

Jellicoe and Woodbury are the twin dogs of Doubt and Fear, a poetic interpretation of James Joyce’s 'Ulysses', where dogs seemingly are ready to attack at any moment, based on Joyce’s well known fear of dogs. Doubt and Fear channel 'Ulysses' through a Bastard ‘Wind of Pain’ like lens. These self-created monsters use capitalism to keep us afraid to really move forward in life, and scared to connect with each other. They chase us back and 'breath down our neck’.

Also, this is true:

"The name Jellicoe and Woodbury comes from an intersection of two streets in the west of Toronto where two large dogs, Rhodesian Ridgebacks - a breed of dog bred for hunting and killing lions - lived in a friends house many years ago. These dogs terrified Mike from FU as a child. The dogs were mostly friendly and just curious even though they were this snarling violent breed used to kill the most fearsome thing in Africa - one lets their own fear of dogs dictate their relationship with these creatures. The names Jellicoe and Woodbury are the formal names of Doubt and Fear in the world of this story."